bigRuby Nail Tattoos Review and Step-by-Step

If you’ve never heard of bigRuby nail tattoos, you’ve been missing out! These are, without a doubt, THE best decals I’ve ever used in my life. They’re a piece of cake to apply, they sit completely flat on the nails and the look the bomb. It’s tempting to call them water decals but they really aren’t, you apply these nail tattoos just like the temporary ones that are made for going on your skin, it’s crazy easy. 
bigRuby is an amazing little indie company that’s built a loyal customer base on stellar products and positive attitudes. They also have a really great set of ethics… their products are cruelty free and they donate a portion of their profits to animal charities. You can buy bigRuby tattoos here and at the moment there are 10 different packs available. I’m lucky enough to have His, Hers, Line Up and Sea Creatures.
bigRuby nail tattoos*

By far my favourite of the four is His. This pack includes Revolvers, Moustaches, Hand Grenades and Skulls. Bad ass right? 
To get started, you have to cut out the designs you want using scissors. Each design is faintly printed on the back of the paper so you can see exactly where it will be when you transfer it. No more guessing games.

This is everything I used for the application – a bit of water, tweezers, a cotton pad cut in to small squares and some top coat.

The tattoos are covered with a clear sheet of plastic so you have to peel that off before you place it on your nail where you want it to be. They’re quite sticky so once it touches the nail, it’s hard to move. You have to make sure you get it right first time. I used tweezers for this bit!

Grab a piece of  the cotton pad in some tweezers and dip it in to a little water. You only have to press down on the tattoo for about 10 seconds or until you feel the paper come lose underneath.

Carefully remove the paper and then use the wet cotton to smooth down any edges that might be a bit lose.
Finally, wait a few minutes for it to dry, add a top coat and that’s it – perfect application in a few steps. They remove easily too, they just kind of break up and come right off with the nail polish.

I absolutely love these tattoos and I think the designs make them perfect for people who want a bit of quirkiness on their nails but maybe don’t have the time or skills to spend a long time on fancy techniques. These get straight to the point and look incredible at the same time.
You can buy bigRuby tattoos from for $12.00 a pack but totally worth it. Some of them have a whopping 92 designs. There are even quite a few designs on sale at the moment for $6.50.
Shipping in the US is $2.50 and it’s $4.50 for International.