Where’s Wally Nail Art

Today’s nails are inspired by everyone’s favourite Hide and Seeker…Wally, of ‘Where’s Wally?’ fame! He may be known to some of you as Waldo and he’s well known for his iconic red and white stripy attire and bobbly hat. 
After I painted these, One Nail to Rule Them All popped up in my timeline and her profile picture stuck out to me. Without even seeing her Where’s Wally design, I had created one almost identical. Great minds think alike, right? You should all go check out her blog, she’s a fellow UK blogger and perfectionist – her nail art is amazing!
This is the first very intricate freehand design I’ve done in so long! I miss having the time (and inspiration) to create these manicures. I seem to be getting my spark back and I’m getting better at managing my free time so, painted fingers crossed, there’ll be more of them in store.

I used Barry M Matt White as my base colour, then freehanded on the red stripes using Rimmel Heart on Fire and a nail art brush. I added the red glequins while the red polish was still wet.
For the man himself, I used black acrylic paint with a nail brush to paint the outlines. I used Deborah Lippmann Fashion for his skin, Essie Glamour Purse for his hair and some more Rimmel Heart on Fire for the red details. Then I had to go over some of the outlines again. I had to concentrate so hard when I was doing his eyes not to make him look like a googly-eyed fish!
Finally I topped it off with two coats of NYC In a New York Minute.