My Nail Polish Stash and Storage

The last time I showed you my stash was over a year ago and since then my collection has grown a fair bit. I invested in a Helmer a few months ago to combat the army of polish bottles slowly taking over every single surface in sight! I’ve had requests for a stash post/video so I thought I may as well oblige so here is just that!

I counted them all up after I filmed the video and the total is 313 bottles. What do you think, were you expecting more? I was! It’s a lucky thing that I’m so stingy when it comes to buying beauty products or I think the total would be waaaaay higher.

This isn’t absolutely everything I own to do with nails. I keep my base coats and top coats on a shelf next to my desk for easy access and I also have my brushes and stamping plates there too. If you’re curious about my plates, you can see all of those in this video.