‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’

I felt like wearing a simple, clean springtime manicure today but I wanted to mix things up with a colour combination I haven’t tried before – Green and Pink. The great thing about pastels is you can mix absolutely any colours, even ones that would normally hurt your eyes. Can you imagine a combination of bottle green and hot pink? I can and it’s not an image I want to hold on to… but make them both pastels and it looks so freakin’ pretty!

I used Sally Hansen Crinoline as my base colour with Green Tea just on my middle finger. I added three thin coats of Sally Hansen Gem Crush Razzle Dazzler* to my ring finger to add some sophisticated sparkle. For the criss cross on my ring finger, I made sure the pink base was completely dry before applying small strips of striping tape using nail art tweezers. Then I painted on one thick coat of Green Tea and peeled off the tape while that was still wet.
Finally, I topped everything with two coats of Seche Vite for a glassy finish.