Me Looooove Cookies!

A few days ago, a fellow blogger got in touch with me to introduce her blog, Brush me Blush, and in particular a 30 day series of tutorials she has created with twists on the french manicure. I immediately spotted some ideas that I want to try out and she even sent me a few sneak peeks of ones that are to come. This is one of those and you’ll be able to see the steps on her blog very soon.

The tutorial was for Cookie Monster half moons – absolute genius! I’ve been meaning to do Cookie Monster nail art since I got this flocking powder and I even bought googly eyes but I just couldn’t get it right. Ria has nailed it with this tutorial!

I won’t give too many of the details away – you’ll have to wait for the tutorial at Brush me Blush – but I used NYC Water Street Blue, Essie Glamour Purse, Rimmel Desire and some flocking powder from Born Pretty to create this look.