Sunday, 30 December 2012

Plus Three

So it turns out the list I made yesterday of my top manicures from 2012 is somewhat less than comprehensive. I actually missed out a few really awesome manicure and it was you awesome people that reminded me! This is why I hate making these kinds of lists, it's so hard not to miss stuff! So as much as I want to stick to my guns and say that yesterday's list is the definitive list, I can't. I have to add these on. Forgive me?!

Click on any of the manicures to see more and get the info about creating them.

Real feather nails. Tutorial here.

Polish Days: Geometry. Tetris Nails.

Blink 182 Nails



  1. Where did the movember nails go?! those were thee best ever hands down pun intended.

  2. I think the tetris ones are adorable (:

  3. The feather nails looks amazing :D

  4. feather manicure is fantastic

  5. Ooh! I think I missed the Tetris ones, so I'm glad you made this post!!! I'm a mega fan of both you AND Tetris!

  6. Very pretty!! How does this Sally Hansen color compare to Sally Hansen Ion?? They look similar. i had to have Ion as soo as I saw it.

  7. Feather manicure is my favorite of yours! I think that's how I discovered your blog pretty much :)
    HAPPY New Year Sam!


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