Lac Attack Magical Musings Collection Swatches

The Magical Musings Collection is the latest Harry Potter inspired creation from Lac Attack who have teamed up with bona fide HP fangirl, Kirsten from Glitta Gloves. The result is an absolutely incredible collection of polishes that truly capture the essence of the Harry Potter universe. Each and every polish is true to its namesake and as a big fan myself, I feel I have the credentials to say so! 
For me personally, this is one of the most exciting things that could ever happen on the planet. Harry Potter x Nail Polish? Squee is all I can say to that!
If you’re not a Harry Potter lover, just ignore my babbling and feast your eyes on all the glitter!
Beauxbatons Academy is a selection of small blue hexes, yellow hexes and white squares in a milky blue base. I layered two coats over Rimmel My Denim. I left the index finger completely free of Beauxbatons Academy so you can see the effect it has on the base colour. In this case, with a medium blue underneath, it’s just turned it a pretty powder blue. I can’t wait to try this out in some other combinations.

Dementor’s Kiss is one of my favourites. I love black. If it comes in black I’ll take it in black. So it was kind of a given that I would love this black glitter polish. There are two sizes of black hex glitter in here and some matte red ones too. I layered 1 coat of Dementor’s Kiss over two coats of Essie Bordeaux. The glitter payoff in this one is brilliant.

Felix Felicis is the prettiest gold packed top coat you can imagine. There are tiny gold flakies, squares and hexes all floating around in a clear base. I used one coat of Felix over 2 coats of  GOSH Pool Party.

Holidays in Hogsmeade is a matte glitter polish. There are 3 sizes of red, white and green hexes suspended in a clear base. I applied 2 coats of Holidays in Hogsmeade over 2 coats of Sally Hansen Ion. For my ring finger, I painted the polish on to a sponge before dabbing it on to my nail and repeated that a couple of times until the whole nail was covered. 

Finally, we have Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes. This is my favourite of the bunch. It’s a very unique combination of matte bar glitter and hexes and you can wear it with absolutely anything, I love the way it clashes against the turquoise blue but the two look like they were made for each other. I think the Weasley twins would be proud of this fun and eccentric combination. The blue base colour is NYC Water Street Blue and I used 1 coat of Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes with a few patches here and there. On my ring finger I used a sponge to dab it on from the tip dowards.

The Magical Musings collection is available from in full sized bottles ($8.00) and mini bottles ($4.25). You can also buy the whole collection, full sized or mini, at a discount.