Happy New Year Nails!

I know it’s not really the New Year yet but I wanted to get this post up a bit early because I know most of you will be busy tonight (winky wink) and you might even be looking for some New Year nail ideas!
These are the nails I plan to be wearing come the stroke of midnight but if I’m honest with myself, there’s no way they’re going to last that long! I’m sure I’ll end up peeling them off and slathering my nails in glitter polish before the evening.
I guess now would be a good moment to look back and reflect on this year. In all honesty, it wasn’t really a big one for me. Aside from getting my first proper job, not a lot has happened in my life! My year was good, just not great compared to some of my other years! I really want to hear how you guys feel about 2012 so please let me know some of your highlights in the comments. Hopefully you can inspire me to make the most of the next 365 days.
 Here’s to 2013. May it be awesome for everyone!

I used 2 coats of A-England Dorian Gray as my base colour. One nail at a time, I painted on a coat of clear polish and placed on the glequins one by one in number formation (video tutorial here). Finally, I topped it all with two coats of NYC In A New York Minute.