BONUS! Inspired by a Flag Take 2!

I had a brain meltdown when I was painting my Flag inspired nails and ended up doing two manicures so you get a bonus 31 Day Challenge post today! I’d had this idea written down for ages and was really looking forward to doing it. I got so excited that I kind of forgot it was part of the challenge since the challenge has started becoming more of a chore than a pleasure at this point. So anyway, I decided on the Jamaican Flag nail art and then remembered that I actually wanted to do this so I did it anyway! By the way, it’s inspired by a pirate flag!

I didn’t want to go for the traditional black background so I took out one of my many ‘near black’ shades, Deborah Lippmann Dark Side of the Moon* and used two coats as my base. I painted on the skull and crossbones and sword detail with white and black acrylic paint using a small nail art brush
I added one coat of Revlon Facets of Fuschia to my thumb and pinky which I picked up for £1 in Discount UK and I’m pretty sure it’s exactly, EXACTLY the same polish as Scandalous which is part of the current range and is retailing for £6.49! That is scandalous! 
Finally, I used two coats of NYC Top Coat to finish it all off.