Wednesday, 28 November 2012

She Wears Blue Velvet All The Time

Quite a simple mani for you today. I really love this flocking powder and I've been using it quite often as an accent. Last time I posted this and when I posted it on Instagram earlier today, I had loads of really good questions from you guys so I'll just talk about the powder for a bit and hopefully answer them.

Most people want to know what happens when you wash your hands with this stuff on. Well it absorbs a bit of moisture and looks kind of dead for a bit but then it just dries out and goes back to normal. It lasts about 24 hours during which time it gradually rubs off and starts looking grubby. If you left this on for more than 24 hours I would judge you... it really looks gross!

The flocking powder is from Born Pretty Store and it comes in loads of colours. The one I have is Sky Blue and I'll definitely be buying some more colours. It's really easy to apply, you just paint on a coat or two of polish and press your nail in to the pot of powder while it's still wet, then use a brush to swipe away the excess. Job done! 

I also want to give a shout out to these Chanel decals while we're here. Again, they're from Born Pretty Store and I'm always using them to spice up a plain (between nail arts) mani. They're actually metal, not stickers and they come completely flat. So before I apply one, I bend it around a pen to give it a slight curve so the edges don't stick up and catch on everything. Then I slather it in top coat! I think it looks the bomb.

The base colour I've used here is NYC Water Street Blue* which is absolutely gorgeous and probably my favourite blue right now. The only downside is it stains like a bish so do not skip your base coat if you wear this! You can get the flocking powder (velvet) here and the Chanel Decals here. My top coat is Seche Vite.

P.S. If you order anything from the Born Pretty Website, you can use this code to get 10% off!



  1. that flocking powder looks exactly a pair of socks i have...(those socks are extremely fluffy and soft)

    1. I have socks like that too! But mine are pink. Might get some pink flocking powder ^_^

  2. Awesome, I was wondering how it would go when it got wet... Mine should be here any day now, I can't wait to try it! x

  3. I still love the look of the flocking powder. ;D

  4. This instantly reminded me of Sully in Monsters Inc! :D

  5. The flocking powder is really cool! It's such a lovely mani.

  6. That's such a cute manicure :) Love your work! ♥

  7. I really don't like the decals but I love, love, love the colour of that flocking powder. It's so fresh & different compared to all the red that's around and I really like it as an accent nail!

  8. I am just dying to try that flocking powder. It looks like so much fun!!

  9. i love it! it looks like a muppet on you nails! i would love to see what it looked like after 24 hours!

  10. WHOA!

    I have never seen anything like that. That's super cool and fresh! And the color is so fun.

    I also want to share a Lipstick & Nail polish giveaway I'm doing that I think you and your readers would like :) Feel free to enter because it's super easy!

    Cathy Trails

    Revlon Just Bitten Giveaway

  11. Gorgeous mani. I think I would be touching the velvet all the that strange lol:)

    Sara xx

  12. I absolutely love flocking powder, these look fabulous!


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