Aphrodite Lacquers Swatches: Auction, Supernova and Margarita

This is the first weekend for months where I have absolutely no plans so I’ve had a pretty lazy Saturday. So far today I’ve worked my way through the entire first series of Workaholics, picked up where I left off on Homeland, dyed my hair and painted my nails about 7 times! I consider that quite a day, especially for a weekend!
Today I’ve got swatches of some polishes from Aphrodite Lacquers*. These polishes have been sitting on my desk for swatching for weeks now but with the 31 Day Challenge going on, I haven’t had much time for swatching. With the quick break I’m taking from it this weekend I finally had time to sit down and test out these beauties.
Auction is a pearly white base packed with blue square glitter and small black hexes. I’ve used 3 coats straight on to my naked nail except on my ring finger where I used two coats of Sally Hansen Ion under 3 coats of Auction. There are two coats of Seche Vite top coat on every nail.

Supernova is definitely my favourite of the three. It’s pink purple and silver hexes in a black jelly base. I used three coats for drama but two will give you full coverage. I used two coats of Seche Vite top coat.
Margarita is a beautiful green glitter polish somewhere between lime green and bottle green. It contains green hexes, slightly smaller blue hexes and silver glitter in a green jelly base. For this swatch I used two coats of NYC High Line Green as a base and then three coats of Margarita, except on my index finger which is just 3 coats of Margarita. Using a green base has given a slightly brighter result but the polish looks just as great on its own. Two top coats of Seche Vite.

You can buy Aphrodite Lacquers from Rebecca’s Etsy Shop for $8 plus shipping.