31DC2012: Day 22 Inspired by a Song

Day 22’s nails have to be inspired by a song and I struggled for a long time to come up with an idea. In the end, I just put my MP3 player on shuffle and waited for inspiration to strike. When Lana Del Rey‘s Blue Velvet came on I remembered this flock that I have from Born Pretty Store and knew it was meant to be!
Rie and Cris‘ nails for Day 22 of the challenge are very impressive! Go see!

I used one coat of NYC Water Street Blue* to my nails. Then, one by one, I added a second coat, waited about 30 seconds and dipped my nail in to the flocking powder. It comes with a really good brush that I used immediately after application to brush the excess back into the pot and it made very little mess. Because it’s so fine, the bits that missed the pot just kind of blew away in to the air like dust! 
This powder is much finer and therefore way better than the stuff I used before and has even convinced me that a velvet manicure can be lovely when done right.

And here’s the song that inspired the nails. Did you know the original version is by The Clovers from way back in 1950? You can hear that here. It’s been covered by loads of people through the years but Ms Del Rey has managed to put her sombre, dreamy spin on it perfectly.