Eyes Down for Nailasaurus Bingo!

Today we’re going to play some bingo, The Nailasaurus style! This will be fun for long time readers who may recognise some of their favourites and any new faces round here will get a little taste of my style.
All you have to do is click on the designs you like the look of below to see a bit more info about them and a larger picture. When you get a full line, you’ve won!
However, I have found a way more frustrating way to play the game! I’ve just spent a good half an hour playing with it to see how close I can get to a full house without getting a line. My record is 17 out of 25 and if anyone can cross off more than that, I want to know your secrets!

This nifty game was inspired by the nail art designs on The Nailasaurus and created by the team at Chat Mag Bingo. If you ever feel like playing some real bingo, you should head on over to their site!


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