I Fail at Video Making

This manicure is the result of my failed attempt to make a gradient video tutorial. I cannot stress enough how much I suck at making YouTube videos, which is why you don’t see that many from me. 
I know how much you all loved my picture tutorial so I finally got around to making a video version this weekend but (and you’re gonna laugh at me) I forgot to press record when I got to the MOST IMPORTANT PART! DOH! So I ended up with these lovely gradient nails but no video to show for it. Maybe I’ll work up the courage to try again soon but it seems like the YouTube powers that be don’t want to meet me halfway on this!
My base colour today is an Essie polish and my first Essie polish EVER (except for Matte About You which doesn’t count)! I bought a pack of three – Mezmerized, Bordeaux and Lollipop – in TK Maxx for £9.99 and of course assumed that they’re discontinued colours. However, when I checked in Boots a few days later, I spotted at least 2 of them in the current range. So there’s my money saving tip for the day… check in TK Maxx before you drop £7.99 on one bottle in Boots!

My base colour is Essie Mezmerised and I sponged on Beauty UK Olympic Bronze following this tutorial to create the gradient. All finished with two top coats of Essence Better Than Gel Nails.