W7 Salt n Pepper Swatch

This is the second interesting polish from my Nail Polish Direct order that I mentioned last week, W7’s Salt N Pepper. I think it’s odd that this polish is part of the summer collection as it looks quite wintery to me. It practically looks like snow on my nails! Either way, I still love it and it’s the perfect way to wear white polish without it looking like you just Tipp-Exxed your nails!

I used four coats for these swatches followed by two top coats of NYC. It was silly of me not to use a plain white base first, but I wanted to give the polish a proper try to see how many coats it would take by itself.

I can’t find Salt and Pepper on the site any more but here is a link to W7’s Summer Collection where they still have the other two glitter polishes – Mosaic and Lava Flow.