Holiday Nails: Frankencherry

These are the nails that I’m wearing as I depart for my holiday. No doubt, they’ll be off in a few days as the pick factor sets in but I’m taking a few nail supplies with me so I won’t be naked nailed! I have a few posts scheduled for the week, including one I’m very excited about tomorrow, so you probably won’t even notice I’m gone!
I reorganised my polish collection on the weekend as it had started to spread throughout the room and I wanted to get it all in one place! 28 bottles ended up in the recycling pile. They were either ones that I’d never used, would never use again or nearly empties. The lovely Wendy on Twitter suggested that I mix a few together to create new colours a.k.a Frankens – new polishes made up of the leftovers of others!
This ‘Frankencherry’ is one of the outcomes. I couldn’t tell you what colours are in here, I just know that the resulting ‘cherry with a subtle shimmer’ is absolutely ace!

I used Frankencherry as a base and added some glequins whilst it was still tacky using a toothpick dipped in clear polish to make it tacky.
Finally, I added two coats of Cult Nails Wicked Fast to seal it all in and hopefully make those glequins stay on for a few days at least!