Feather Nails… Finally!

I’ve been in love with feather nails ever since I saw them on Chloe’s Nails over a year ago! I’ve tried many many times since then to recreate something similar but always failed miserably. Well when I was in the craft aisle at my favourite junk shop recently searching for anything I could stick to my nails, I spotted these purple feathers and knew I’d be attempting the ‘feather nail’ again.
This time I finally succeeded and now all I want is MORE FEATHERS! It is very tricky to get a feather stuck to your nail but once it’s there you’ll never want to take it off. 

Erika has a great method for feather nails that involves glue which you can see here. It’s kind of hard to explain how I did this myself. I painted on the base colour of No7 Lucky Lilac and let it dry completely, then I used one coat of clear polish and stuck the feather on to that. Once the clear polish was dry and the feather stuck quite well, I painted on another coat of clear polish following the flow of the fibres to smooth it down. I just kept adding layers of top coat and gently pressing down the feather with a toothpick until I was happy!
The rest of the nails are stamped with Bundle Monster Plate BM-212 and Cult Nails Vicious. I used a dotting tool to add accents of A-England Princess Tears and finished it off with a top coat of Sally Hansen Hard as Nails.