Testing, Testing…

My 2012 Bundle Monster plates came yesterday so as you can imagine, it was a very exciting day here! I didn’t actually get a chance to play with them until the evening though and even then I forgot to take pictures so you’re seeing a day old mani in the pictures – please ignore any chipping!
I was lucky enough to win them in the Bundle Monster nail art competition which is becoming something of an annual tradition! But after months of anticipation, the plates are finally available to buy on Amazon.com and the Bundle Monster website. I haven’t spotted them on Amazon.co.uk just yet. If you’re in the UK, I’m pretty sure you can still buy them from Amazon.com but there is a shipping charge and they’ll take a little while to get here. I’m sure they’ll pop up on the UK site soon though.
I went a bit crazy and just tested out some of the first designs that caught my eye. The plates I’ve used here are BM322, BM317 and BM306.
The base colour is A-England Galahad* and I stamped with No7 Poolside Blue.

UPDATE! The plates are now available on Amazon.co.uk!
*Items marked with an asterisk were sent for consideration. See my disclaimer for more info.