Superheroes Challenge: DC Hero… Superman

I know Superman is kind of an obvious choice but sometimes that’s the best way to go! He gets a bad rap these days for being kind of irrelevant and you have to admit his powers are kind of lame compared to the superheroes we know today. But you’ve gotta give the guy some credit, he’s kind of ‘the original’ superhero and he can’t really keep up with his modern contemporaries who have all those cool technologies and weapons to make them awesome.
(Superman Wiki)

I had a hectic day but I had a swatch post ready to go until I realised a few hours ago that it was a challenge day and I didn’t even have any nail art prepared. Whoops! I knew who my hero was but I hadn’t even thought about the nail art so I kept it simple. The ‘Super S’ is so iconic that I don’t think it needs much else to get the point across!

I used NYC Lexington Yellow, No7 Poolside Blue and that unnamed L’Oreal Resist and Shine red I seem to be using every day this week!
I freehanded the details with a small nail art brush and outlined in black acrylic paint. The glitter, or ‘glequins’, came in 12 colour pack from Born Pretty Store.

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