Sandy Sandwich

The idea of a neutral Jelly Sandwich popped in to my head this morning and I spent all day trying to figure out which polishes I wanted to use. I knew it would look really good with some gold multi glitter but at the time I totally forgot that I do in fact own one of those! Instead, I reached for this colourful concoction with some skepticism. 
I’m so glad I tried this combination though because I love it! Suspending the glitter between a few coats of polish has taken the harsh metallic of the tiny hexes away and made it look like matte glitter. The pieces that look white are in fact silver in the bottle and the little yellow ones are gold. Scroll down a bit for the full recipe!

The Nailasaurus’ Recipe for a Sandy Sandwich
Two coats of Cult Nails Cruisin Nude
One coat (and a few strategic strokes) of Technic Carnival
Two coats of OPI Somoan Sand
One coat of Cult Nails Wicked Fast. I got impatient and painted it on before the OPI was dry which is why it’s come out a bit streaky.