Q and A: Ask Me Anything!

I can’t think of a clever, funny or even relevant introduction for this post so I’ll just dive straight in!
This post is here for you to leave any questions you’ve got for me 
My plan is to make a video which actually features my face and voice *gasp* in which I answer your questions. I’m terrible at answering queries that get left in the comments so I want to make sure everyone finally gets the answers they’ve been looking for.

Your questions can be about absolutely anything. Go ahead and ask me about the weather, my favourite movie, oh or nails, you could ask me about nails!
There aren’t really any rules, just nothing rude or too personal, those kinds of questions will obviously just be ignored but you’re a great group of people so I’m not really expecting to see any! Leave your questions in the comments and I’ll make the video as soon as I get the chance. I’ll keep the comments on this post open for at least three days so you’ve got some time to think it over!

UPDATE: Sorry guys, but I had to close the comments earlier than I originally planned. I already have waaay more questions than I ever thought I’d get and if I accept any more, I’m afraid I’ll never get a chance to answer them. Thank you for the amazing response!


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