Happy Malteaster!

Happy Easter everyone! Today I have some easter chocolate themed nail art to show you. I’ve seen a lot of Creme Egg nail art and, sure those things are yummy and all but have you tried Malteaster Bunnies?! These things are frikkin delicious and since they started selling them at Easter a few years ago, they’ve overtaken Creme Eggs as my favourite Easter chocolate. I always get upset when they start disappearing from shelves after Easter and normally start stockpiling them in the hopes that my stash will last until next February when they start selling them again. In reality, it lasts two weeks because they’re too yummy to save!

The red base colour is from L’Oreal and I picked it up recently for 39p. I can’t find the shade name on the bottle though! I’ve been looking for a true red for ages but I always end up buying more raspberry toned reds so this finally fits the bill.
I used white acrylic paint with a nail art brush for the writing. The chocolate bunny is Barry M Mushroom outlined in black acrylic paint. The little details are NYC Lexington Yellow and Miss Sporty Orange.