Friday, 13 April 2012

Fish Egg Friday!

Today's nails are inspired by some nail art that Dashing Diva created for the Cushnie et Ochs show at Fall 2011 Fashion Week which you can see here
I'm sure you've all been seeing a lot of this style manicure recently and I'll be honest, I wasn't completely sold on the look. And I also thought it would be a nightmare to apply. Now that I've finally tried it, I've surprised myself at how much I actually like it and it was way easier than I expected. It literally is a case of pouring the beads over your nail and letting them stick!
It doesn't show in the pictures, but these beads are so sparkly in real life. My nails are like mini mirror balls!

It's a long post today! More after the crack ↓

I used Barry M Gold Foil and Silver Foil as base colours. One nail at a time, just after painting the second coat of colour, I held my nail over a plastic container and sprinkled the bullion over it. There were a few gaps so I placed a few of the beads using a sticky toothpick to fill them in. Finally, I used a toothpick to shape around the edges and flick off any beads that didn't quite fit nicely!

I didn't add a topcoat because I just knew it would all go wrong at the final moment like these fiddly things have a habit of doing! If you're planning on wearing this style for more than a few hours though, it will definitely need a top coat to seal everything in and make it last.

There are countless places online where you can buy the Bullion or 'steel balls' to create this Fish Egg manicure and you might even be able to find them in a craft store near you.

I got these from eBay here for 99 pence with free P+P. However, these are kind of big for nail bullion. They are very tiny but still big in relation to other bullion I've used in the past.
(eBay Listing)

My absolute favourite bullion EVER is from Viva La Nails here. They have a great selection of colours at £1.95 per 5g pot and Viva La Nails is a great place for nail art supplies so have a look around!
(Viva La Nails Product Page)

If you want a great selection of colour, Born Pretty have a set of 12 colours for $5.41 and each colour comes in a little pot so you won't have any mix ups! However, if you're so inclined, you can have fun mix and matching your own colour combinations.
(Born Pretty Product Page 7% off with the code SA5X31)

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  1. So cute! I love shiny things... :)

  2. Wow that's really really cool! But I imagine it's not practical to wear them in everyday life?

  3. Love your mani & your gumption!! Stick it to 'em!!

  4. Love how shiny these are! They look like little disco balls ;)

  5. Love it!!! Absolutely amazing in this metallic shades :)
    I added mine too, thanks!!

  6. Love. Going to try this soon. Hope I don't make a massive mess!

  7. This is stunning, I just keep staring at your nails! I agree with Stephpiperr they do look like little disco balls!

  8. Love the gold & silver, looks so sophisticated!!! Beautiful Shiate manicure!!!

  9. Gorgeous! I'm loving 'fish egg Friday' what a great way to gives props to Dashing Divas technique and so affordable! :D

  10. i'm such a fan of this look - love it!!

  11. This is great Sammy! This is so blingy and fantastic!
    Also, I love the InLinkz thing...I added it to my post...another great idea!! <3

  12. I'm starting to like the fish eggy look more and more, after seeing it done enough to get over the initial weirdness.

  13. They look absolutely gorgeous and so very shiny!

  14. I really don't know what to think about them :D
    When I look at them to long they become a bit disgusting..but somehow they are so cooool!!!! :D


  15. Beautiful, would be great for new years!!

  16. These are gorg Sammy! I really love them in silver and gold, I wish I had them. :) Amazing!

  17. This beautiful! I'm sad to have missed out on Fish Egg Friday... maybe next time :)

  18. Hi Sammy, I don't know if you're still taking links since the pics collection seems to be closed but I published a caviar on my blog too.
    Take care!

  19. Super leuk ! ik volg je trouwens vanaf nu via bloglovin,
    volg je me terug? xx

  20. best I see with this method:)

  21. This is so pretty. I don't think I could manage wearing it though, I would end up picking the little beads off!

  22. Mine's up also. A bit later, but yesterday was the first day I got time to do some nailart.

  23. I think your pictures have been used by this site:

    They also had a decal set on sale on ebay for "fishnet nail art decal wrap" and I think it might use your photo or another person's as the example...

  24. Hi,
    I search today on ebay too and see that use your photos. Look here, hope they ask for your OK

  25. Very nice and pretty artistic work on nails.
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