Tips and Tricks for Shiny Nails

Some people have been enquiring about how I get my manis so shiny and the answer is lots of top coat!
On a normal day when I’m just wearing one or two coats of colour, I’ll just use one coat but when I do lots of nail art on the nail, all the layers can create a bumpy manicure so I use two but there’s a secret coming up.
My favourite top coat, and the one I use every day is called In A New York Minute from New York Color, or NYC. It’s not specified that it’s a top coat but it’s clear so I assume that’s what it’s meant to be used for and I’ve been using it as my top coat for years. Full review and better bottle picture here.
In the picture below you’ll see two bottles of the same polish but they look kind of different right?
The bottle on the left is a (nearly new) bottle and the polish is perfectly clear and a good consistency.
The bottle on the right is an accumulation of leftovers that I collect when the bottles run down and become thick. You can see that it’s become cloudy although it’s still crystal clear when applied to the nail.
Left: A nearly new bottle
Right: Combined leftovers from a few old bottles

As you can imagine, I get through a lot of this stuff and as the bottles begin to empty, the polish becomes thicker until it’s almost too thick to use. I used to throw away this waste until I realised that it’s great for ‘glazing’ my nails.

The Trick
Basically, I use one coat of the new stuff (on the left) which applies nicely and dries my nails quickly.
Once that’s completely dry, I’ll apply a coat of the thicker leftovers (left) which is a bit more tricky to get even on the nail but it leaves my nails with a completely smooth surface because it doesn’t cling to any bumps left by nail art.
Don’t be tempted skip the first step and go straight to the thick stuff because it will smudge any nail art you’ve taken the time to apply.
Remember, I only use this technique when I’ve got lots of layers of nail art on my nails. On a normal day, one coat works just fine.
So next time you’re tempted to throw away the gloopy remains of your favourite top coat, DON’T! Keep them for glazing 🙂