A Storage Solution For All Your Tiny Bits!

Storing all the tiny little items used in nail art like rhinestones, and all the other glitter and flitter is a tricky business. Often they come in packaging that’s not suitable for long term storage or just causes an inconvenience every time you want to get to the stuff inside.
Recently, I’ve gotten fed up of keeping all my nail art supplies in small plastic bags (which nearly always results in spills and other accidents) so I started searching for alternative storage. I started using small screw lid pots that I got from a drugstore to store my rhinestones and such. They were £1 for a pack of 3 which is a very good price but I took to the internet anyway to see if I couldn’t find something cheaper!
The result was this amazing storage solution that I found on eBay! It’s a small, fairly flat plastic box inside which sits 12 little jars. The box measures a compact 13 x 10 x 2 cm and the jars are about an inch in diameter with a screw top lid.
The case is very compact and fits easily in to my hand. The lid doesn’t ‘pop’ on, it just sits on the top so I’ve used an elastic band to keep it securely in place.
This product is simple, elegant perfection and if you’re looking for a practical, tidy storage solution for your nail art supplies it’s ideal. And the possibilities are endless, you could even use it for storing jewellery or craft supplies!
I bought this product on eBay UK here.
I did some digging and found a listing for a similar, if not identical, item on eBay US here.

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