Pink Wednesday: Biker Barbie

It may be quite obvious to you by now that I’m going through a phase of decorating my nails with metal! Using chains is an idea I’ve had for a while but I didn’t know where to get my hands on a chain small and light enough that I could stick to my nails. I looked on a few nail art supply sites but the only ‘chains’ I could find were not really very chainy – more like wire with small intermittent balls.
So I’d almost given up on that idea when a package from (such an amazing site you should really check it out) fell through my front door.
I’d ordered this necklace but the pendant was a bit malformed though I wasn’t too worried because it was an absolute bargain at less than $1. Then I had a brainwave, the chain was the perfect size for adorning my nails. So here we are!
Before I even started with any polish, I measured out the chains by holding the necklace up to my nail and counting how many links each nail needed. I cut off what I needed using wire cutters/pliers and laid them out  on the desk in order.
My base colour is two coats of Nails Inc Paris (for Diet Coke). I waited for this to dry then slicked on a coat of NYC In A New York Minute. I waited a few seconds for this to get tacky and used the Mash Tweezers to carefully place the chain along the tip of my nail.
When everything was dry and securely in place, I added another top coat of NYC In A New York Minute.