Dr Seuss Nail Art!

 10 days ago, the lovely Danielle let me know about a nail art competition Nylon Blogs were holding to celebrate Dr Suess’ 108th birthday which you can find here. To date they still haven’t posted a winner, which is kinda sloppy on their part since it was supposed to be posted last Tuesday. So I thought I’d just post mine here already because it doesn’t look likely that they’ll ever post the winner’s manicure and I can’t hold on to this for much longer!
I don’t think it needs too much explaining since Seuss’ work is so iconic. I had to include the ‘Sam I Am’ sign because of course, I Am Sam! The windmill looking things on my middle finger are truffula trees from The Lorax. Obviously then we come to The Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham.

It was all freehanded using a nail brush, the outlines are black acrylic paint and if you want any info about the polishes I used for a particular part just ask below!