Thursday, 9 February 2012

You Da Nails... Rihanna Inspired Nail Art

Welcome to day seven of my secret challenge for myself to post at least once daily for one week! I didn't want to mention it in case I couldn't stick to the schedule but today makes it one week exactly and I'm feeling quite proud of myself! The good news is I still have posts lined up for the next few days so I'll carry it on for as long as I can :)

This nail art was inspired by Rihanna's nails in the video for You Da One. Although I probably wouldn't sport pointy nails like hers, I love the chevron trend that's launching at the moment. We've already seen Lana Del Rey sporting a chevron style in her video and I think it's going to be a big trend this year. As nail art is becoming more popular and people are getting fed up of the classic french tip, this is a great alternative that you could probably still pull off in work.

I used Barry M Matt White as a base colour. I freehanded on the triangles with W7 Black and then outlined them with No7 Poolside Blue - all with a striping brush.



  1. Very cute! The blue is a nice touch - that shade is perfect!

  2. I hope you've heard the awesome remixes to this song. Dave Aude's remix is definitely my favorite.

    I'd love to try this double-layered chevron soon, but I simply must improve my striping skills first. Yours look great!

  3. Looks very cool. The blue is a nice addition :)

  4. aahhh love this. Pretty jealous of your talent...I'm ridiculously rubbish with nails!

    Jo x

  5. Love these! :) Your nails are like the perfect shape I'm so jealous!

  6. i love your choice of colors, looks so cool.

  7. Rihanna's nails are looking ugly because of the shape,
    but your nails look great!


  8. I just hate the shape of her nails-I could never wear that!! But I am loving your design-so cool!

  9. I really don't understand the pointy nail thing! But yours look awesome ;D

  10. This looks great, love the colors!


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