Would You Believe Me?

If I told you I haven’t worn nail polish for four whole days?! Well it’s the truth, and that’s definitely the longest I’ve gone naked-nailed for at least 3 years! The main reason I never leave the house without polish on my nails is because they were so stained from years of wearing it daily. I sat down on Sunday with a buffing block after witnessing the removal of yellow staining using the buffing method and I finally got rid of all the yellow. My nails are now stain free and ready to see the sunshine.

I’ve been doing some decorating this week (the reason for my long absence), alongside neglecting my nails for a few days so they’ve taken a bit of a battering and I’ve been forced to cut them quite short but I actually really like having super short nails!

Stamping Plate: Bundle Monster BM210
Base Colour: No7 Lucky Lilac
Stamp Colour: Barry M Gold Foil
Top Coat of NYC