Spider-Man Nail Art Tutorial

Today I have a tutorial for the Amazing Spider-man nail art I created a few weeks ago. You can see the original post here.
This is the first tutorial I’ve made for a very long time! I normally procrastinate on them and then give up hope altogether because I’ve failed quite badly at making them in the past but I actually had a really good time making this one. I hope you enjoy it!
Step by step instructions after the jump!

You will need Red Blue and Silver polishes but you could also use black in place of the silver.

I’m using Cult Nails Quench, Cult Nails Time Traveler and Barry M Silver Foil (which is currently on sale at asos.com!).

I’m also using a small liner brush from eBay. Details here.

1. Paint on your red base coat. 
2. Use a nail art brush to paint on a blue tip with a scalloped edge. Aim for 4 or 5 ‘waves’.
3. Using a nail art brush and silver polish, define the wavy line between the red and blue sections.
4. Draw lines from your cuticle to the tip ensuring that they cross through the points of the wavy line. In the blue section, link these lines to make it look like a web.

5. In the red section, draw a few more lines from your cuticle to the wavy silver line from step 3.

6. Join up all the lines with more wavy web like lines, add your top coat and you’re all done!

The accent finger is easy to create than it looks. I drew on the eyes first, then the webs using the same principle shown above and finished by outlining the eyes using black acrylic paint.