All That Glitters Is Gold

I know nail art posts have been scarce around here recently but I’m really low on ideas! I’ve mostly been wearing black on my nails because I’m going through a bit of a moody phase haha. Black and gold such a good combination to wear on your nails when you want to rock the dark look but glam it up and not look too gothic.
I finally got around to updating my Stamping Polishes page today so head on over if you want to see my list of regular polishes that work for stamping. You can find the page any time in the sidebar about half way down the page under the ‘features’ heading.
I used A-England Lancelot as a base and a gold glitter Kiss Nail Striper that my bestie brought me back from a trip to Canada to paint the tips. The rhinestone is from the Mash wheel and I used two top coats of NYC In A New York Minute to finish it off.