Red Angel Stamping Plates Review

A little while back, the nail community was abuzz with news of a new set of stamping plates from the brand, ‘Red Angel’. The set is similar to the successful Bundle Monster sets in that they’re a cheap and good quality alternative to Konad plates and they are available to purchase on Amazon.
You may have already seen a few manicures that I’ve created using the Red Angel plates*. I’ve had a bit of time to test them out and overall, I can say that I’m really pleased with them.
The set consists of 21 plates with a nice variety of ‘all-over’ and smaller designs. They come in a cute little plastic pouch decorated with a fluffy and moustached Red Angel. This is very handy as plates can be awkward to store neatly and this solves that problem from the outset.
The plates come with a layer of protective blue plastic which needs to be removed before you can use them. I like to remove the plastic one plate at a time as I use them so I know which plates I haven’t tried out yet!
A hot topic whenever new plates are released is the size of the all-over designs. We need to know if the designs will cover our whole nail so I’ve updated my little infographic and you’ll be pleased to know that the all-over designs are a really good size – 16 x 12mm.
That ranks them slightly longer than the Konad plates but slightly narrower than the New Bundle Monsters. If the all-over designs from the Konad plates cover your whole nail, then these definitely will.
These plates do not have a backing which means the edges are kind of rough and jagged in places. To this day, I’ve never cut myself with the edge of a plate but I know it has happened to other people.
The only way the rough edges have affected me is that they sometimes scratch my table if I drag them across the surface. This isn’t a huge deal to me because I normally put plastic down when I’m doing my nails which protects my desktop but it’s something to bear in mind and be a bit wary of – just make sure you protect the surface you’re working on.

I love these plates and I think they hit the market at just the right time.
Every single one of the designs is really pretty and there are some really fresh ideas that I haven’t seen on any stamping plates before. Did you notice the all-over designs with a half moon cut out? So you can now create mani’s like this without the need to fuss around with stickers – such an innovative idea.
The plates don’t come with a stamper and scraper so if you haven’t got one already, you’ll need to get your hands on one from somewhere. You can improvise with the scraper by using any old credit card – this is what I use as it doesn’t scratch the surface of the plates like the metal scrapers.

You can buy the Red Angel plates from here.
They cost $12.99 for the set of 21 plus shipping (which I don’t think is more than $3.99 wherever you are in the world)