My Nail Art Brushes

This is a post I’ve had a few requests for and been meaning to put together for a while. Today, I’ll show you the brushes I use in my nail art.

Top to bottom:
1 + 2 Born Pretty Nail Art Brushes [here] 3 from the 15 Nail Art Brush sets you can buy on eBay [here] or Born Pretty Store [here] 4, 5 + 6 Liner brushes available on eBay [here] or Born Pretty Store [here]

I use the liners (bottom four) for outlines and small details. Even though it looks like the brushes with shorter brushes would be better for this, I’ve found the liners are better because they come to such a small tip at the end. They do take a bit more hand control though!

I use the brushes with shorter bristles for filling in and bigger details.

To give some perspective, here are the brushes next to a hair slide…

These are the brushes I use for ‘clean up’ with acetone (removing the excess polish around my cuticles after painting my nails).
They are from Asda (Wal-Mart) in a paintbrush set from the childrens’ craft section and they’ve served me well for years.

I hope this answered any questions you might have had about my nail art arsenal. If you have any other questions specifically about the brushes I use, just ask in the comments and I’ll try my damnedest to reply!


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