Galaxy Nails… Literally

Today’s nails design was suggested by a friend and I really can’t believe I haven’t thought to do this before! You may have heard of galaxy nails, well I’ve taken them to a new level and literally painted our little part of the Milky Way on to my digits! Today, I’d like to introduce you to my elusive right hand. I’m pretty certain it’s only ever been spotted here once before.

Since Pluto was a planet when I was taught ‘The Solar System’ in school, I added him in too but it was so awkward taking these photos and trying to get it all in!
I used (the aptly named) W7 Metallic Neptune as a base and then sponged on Essence Choose Me and another polish (but I’ve completely forgotten what it was) to get the galaxy look. The sun and all the planets are completely freehanded using nail art brushes. The black outlines are acrylic paint.

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