Thursday, 29 September 2011

GOSH Metallic Purple with Konad M60

This idea looked much nicer in my head. It's not that I don't like this mani, I just thought it would come out a bit more striking. I think I had a more 'open' pattern in mind but I couldn't find one in my pile of stamping plates or come up with a freehand one in my brain.

Konad Plate: M60
Base Colour: Rimmel - Black Satin
Konad Colour: GOSH Metallic Purple
Black rinestones from eBay
Top Coat of NYC


Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Half-Moon Nudey

This is another look from New York Fashion Week, this time from the Odilon show. 

The design comes from Minx Nails who, in case you don't know, make a special kind of nail sticker that really bonds to your nail and is normally applied by professionals. However, lots of the designs are easy enough to recreate at home with polish and nail art brushes. 
You may have seen Beyonce, Rihanna and other stars sporting the famous Minx chrome manicures. Hopefully, one day, the powers that be will create a polish that gives you the same effect as the amazing chrome Minxes.

I couldn't find this design on Minx's website but you can click here to see the models sporting the look.

I used Collection 2000 White as a base and Cult Nails Cruisin' Nude for the half moons which I applied using a small nail art brush.


Sunday, 25 September 2011

So! FashioNAILble

Today's nail art comes straight from the catwalk at New York Fashion Week. I've decided to recreate a few of my favourite nail looks from NYFW Spring 2012 this week.

Even though I'm sure this design didn't originate at fashion week, CND's Wanda Ruiz used this checkerboard pattern to decorate the models' digits for the Nicole Miller show using a Raspberry Pink and Navy Blue.

I used No7 Lucky Lilac as a base. With a liner brush, I drew a cross on my nails and then used a small nail art brush to fill in two of the four sections with Primark's Yes Cyan!.

I don't know if you can see in the pictures but my top coat has bubbled a little. This could be because I used 3 coats of the stuff, or because I tried to thin it out with Nail Polish Thinner. The consistency definitely improved with the use of the thinner but it has now gone cloudy and apparently bubbly so I'll just move on to a new bottle. Not to self: don't use thinner in your top coat!


Friday, 23 September 2011

♪♫ Memories of times and the places that were there

I can't believe it's Friday already! This week has flown by so quickly.

You might have noticed a few changes around here recently. I put up a new banner a little while ago and my pictures have also taken a turn for the better if I do say so myself!
I've been wanting a great lamp with a white fluorescent bulb for a long time after Cris gave me some advice about lighting. They can be a bit pricey but I was lucky enough to find one in the house. It's been sat on the same side table for months and I've gotten so used to seeing it that I just forgot it was there.
I was sat in the lounge one day when I caught a glimpse of it and just had one of those moments where something clicked in my brain and I realised it was exactly what I'd been wanting for weeks!

I also changed my watermark and have started stamping it in to the middle of the pictures because I've seen a few of my pictures online with the watermark cropped out and no credit given which is so annoying (and illegal). So, I have to put it in a place where it can't be cropped without slicing up the picture, but I'm trying to keep it as unobtrusive as possible and I hope you guys don't mind too much.

I started out using scotch tape to mark off the black sections at the side but it ruined the mani underneath so I just whipped out a striping brush and freehanded the a line then filled it in after. It's obviously not as crisp a line as you would get using scotch tape but it saves a lot of time and hassle.

Bundle Monster BM223
Base Colour: Cult Nails - Cruisin' Nude
Stamp Colour: W7 - Black
Top Coat of NYC


Monday, 19 September 2011

No7, I Am Disappoint

Boots are running their £5 off No7 make-up when you spend £5 in store at the moment and since I always need hair dye or products, I  take advantage and stock up while the offer is on so I get a few vouchers. I run right over to the No7 counter and pick out a nail varnish which then costs me just £2. Bargain!

I picked up Minty Fresh which is a lovely colour but an absolute nightmare to apply! The formula is not particularly thin but it drags and streaks like a byatch and needed 4 coats for opacity.

Here's my step-by-step. You can see the extent of streakiness on the first picture. I would recommend you stay away from this polish at all costs! I'm tempted to throw it out because it's so dang frustrating! 

Anyway, on to the nail art... as if this mani couldn't get any worse, the colouring on the bullion that I used came off completely and smudged all the way up my nail when I applied my top coat. I still love the little detail though!

Stamping Plate: Bundle Monster BM212
Base Colour: No7 - Minty Fresh
Stamp Colour: NYC Glossies 243B
Top Coat of NYC
Bullion from Born Pretty Store
Gems from eBay


Friday, 16 September 2011

Just Like The Movies: Batman Nail Art

I'll keep it short and sweet today as I don't think these need much commentary, I don't know anyone who hasn't heard of Batman. Today's nails are based on the masked vigilante and his various foes!

Pinky to thumb: Riddler, Joker, Bane, Harley Quinn, Batman


Thursday, 15 September 2011

Just Like The Movies: Tron Nail Art

If you've been following for a while, you'll know I created a Tron mani when Legacy was released in cinemas last Christmas [here]. Well here's my updated version!

The imagery comes from both the original film and the sequel. I love both the movies but I think the Tron: Legacy is a bit long. I normally watch up to the part where Quorra rescues Sam from the grid, then skip to Castor's club scene, watch that part and switch it off!

Unfortunately, the pictures for this one didn't turn out very well which is a shame cuz I think it's a kick ass mani!

Pinky to thumb: Identity disc, Recognizer, Light Bikes, Original Tron-ail, TRON


Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Just Like The Movies: Napoleon Dynamite Nail Art

Can I call Napoleon Dynamite a 'cult-classic'? I think it definitely has a cult following but maybe it's not old enough to be a classic. Perhaps cult-favourite is better.

This movie is an endless source of inside-jokes among my friends and I, all the way from the obvious, 'GOSH!' to references about chatting online and llamas. I suppose they aren't really 'inside' because anyone who's seen the film will understand but I don't know too many people that have. If I see you wearing a 'Vote For Pedro' t-shirt, you are instantly placed at the top of my cool meter.

Thumb to pinky: 'Vote for Pedro', Napoleon, GOSH, Uncle Rico's Van, Debbie's note to Pedro.


Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Just Like The Movies: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Nail Art

Thanks to everyone that voted for today's nail art. Scott Pilgrim beat Batman by just one vote!

I think Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is like Marmite, you either love it or hate it and I'm definitely on the love side. It's one of only two films I've ever seen at the cinema more than once. As soon as I saw the first trailer I had such high hopes for it and it really didn't disappoint, the visual effects are just stunning.

The inspiration for the nails comes from both the comics and the film.
Pinky to thumb: 7 Evil Exes, Scott Pilgrim, Sex Bob-omb, Ramona Flowers, Scott Pilgrim


Monday, 12 September 2011

Just Like The Movies: Fight Club Nail Art

This weekend all I did was work on this blog (at the risk of sounding like a complete recluse I honestly didn't leave my house at all on Saturday or Sunday) and it definitely paid off. Yesterday I passed 2000 pageviews with a bit of help from some Twitter friends and reached 200 likes on Facebook. I just want to take this chance thank you all so much for reading and commenting, and even those of you who just drop in from time to time for a browse - don't think you go unnoticed. You guys make blogging worthwhile and have all helped me out when I need it most. THANK YOU!! xx

Fight Club has been one of my favourites for a very long time and it's definitely why I'm such a David Fincher fangirl. I've seen every feature film he's ever directed and I'm so so so excited for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo this December [Trailer here]

Thumb to pinky: Soap, Black Eye, Project Mayhem, Bloody Lip, Yin Yang (like the Ikea table)


Sunday, 11 September 2011

Just Like The Movies: (500) Days of Summer Nail Art

Welcome to Movie Week!
I loved Week of Geek and I think you guys did too, so I've been cooking up ideas for another theme for a long time. The idea for 'Just Like The Movies' has been brewing for at least a month so I'm really happy to finally get started!
The ideas for this theme didn't flow quite as smoothly as the Geek ideas because translating the movies on to nails took quite a bit of imagination. I had to take imagery from the films and turn it in to a simplified idea that would be possible (and hopefully quite easy) to paint on my nails. That's not to say I didn't have loads of fun creating the manis you'll see this week. It's been such a fun challenge and I'm proud of the outcome.
The films I've chosen are from my list of personal favourites and a few suggestions from others. 

I'm starting the week with (500) Days of Summer. Whenever I feel like watching a movie, but have no idea which one to put on, I always just go for this. It has a great soundtrack and I love the humour so it's just easy watching. Also... Joseph Gorgon-Levitt. I loved him since he was Tommy in 3rd Rock and I just know I'll enjoy any movie he chooses to star in.

Pinky to thumb: Ikea, Arm Drawing, Expectations vs. Reality (one of my favourite movie scenes ever, the Regina Spektor song just makes it for me), Tom's greeting cards, 500 Days.
Click here for screen shots.

If you want any info about polishes or application techniques used, please email or tweet me :)


These Are My Confessions: Stash Post

Who remembers that Usher Song? SO good!
I've had a few requests for a stash post and this weekend I finally got around to taking all the pictures and deciding how to present it all! The closest I've come to a Stash post before was showing you the contents of my nail art drawer all the way back in July 2010. You can see the post here.

Since I started blogging nearly 18 months ago, my stash has grown astronomically. Compared to other nail bloggers whose stash posts I've seen, my stash is tiny. But compared to your average girl on the street, I look like a complete polish-freak, nut job, obsessive!

I keep all my polishes in these plastic drawers, grouped by brand, and I have other hiding places for the rest of the stuff I use. I'll run you through the drawers first, left to right, top to bottom.
Most of the drawers have a few randoms in the mix that are just stuck there because they fit well. I'll just list the main brands that are in each drawer.

If you only want to see nail art stuff, scroll to the end.


Saturday, 10 September 2011

Criss the Cross and Dot the Dot

I have a little confession to make today. I've been sitting on this for a long time because I wasn't really sure if it was a topic I wanted to talk about on the blog. I guess this has come up now because September has hit and everyone is back to the grind. School, work, whatever.
Some of you may know, or be vaguely aware, that I was studying for a degree in Accounting and Finance and the academic year approaching would have been my final year. However, during my second year (the one just gone, 2010-11) I became really discouraged in school. I didn't enjoy my subject any more, I couldn't find any motivation to put effort in to my work and as a consequence, I failed the year. 

So... I won't be going back to University this year. I'll really miss the people and the place but I'm so glad I don't have the constant worry and stress hanging over my head all the time. I'm currently 'temping' in a little office where I get on with my co-worker and there's little to no stress. All the while, searching for a permanent position to take up when this is finished.

So for now, the only question playing on my mind is 'What do I want to be when I grow up?'. Lots of people say I should study hair/nails/beauty but I don't want to go back to school for a while and I also think that take all the fun out of my hobby. I would love to pursue a career in childcare but, again, that means going back to school. For now I just plan on finding a job that I enjoy (or at least don't mind waking up for every day) and saving enough money to move in to a flat or house with my friends. I'm taking things one step at a time.

Konad Plate: Bundle Monster BM203
Base Colour: Rimmel - Electric
Konad Colour: GOSH Metallic Purple
Nails Inc - Paris
Top Coat of NYC


Friday, 9 September 2011

Blue and Green Barry

I feel like I write apologies way too much on here so I promise this will be the last one ever! From now on, I will just post when I post and not feel bad if it was 4 days since I last blogged.

I hate hate hate using artificial light to take my photos but I haven't had much choice recently as winter is creeping up on us and the days are just so dull. There is a lamp somewhere in my house that I think has a white bulb though so I'm going to find that and see how the two of us get along.

 Stamping Plate: Bundle Monster BM210
Base Colour: Barry M - Mint Green
Stamp Colour: Barry M - Cyan Blue
Top Coat of NYC


Check out my guest post on Polish Wonderland!

Chell from Polish Wonderland asked me to write a guest post for her blog while she was away on holiday!

Click here or on the picture above to go to the post where I offer up my top 3 tips for nail art stamping.


Sunday, 4 September 2011

Snakeskin Nails... Take Two

We are switching internet providers tonight so I'm currently sat on the floor of my brother's bedroom with my computer plugged in to his ethernet cable. For some silly reason it's only the wireless that isn't working and apparently I'm the only person in the house who utilises the technological miracle that is wireless internet!

I have some more 'take two' nails for you today featuring one of MUA Cosmetics' new nail shades. MUA has definitely risen in my estimations a lot over the past few months. Each item from the basic line is only £1 so I suppose it's the UK's version of Essence. One can be forgiven for being a bit sceptical about the products at first because of the bargain price tag but since first trying them over a year ago, I can’t see a reason to pay more than £1 for an eyeshadow! If you are in the UK and you haven’t tried MUA yet, why on earth not?!

 Anyway, I digress. Here are some more snakeskin nails for you!

Plate: BM215
Base Colour: MUA - Shade 22
Stamp Colour: Barry M - Berry Ice Cream andSally Hansen Chrome - Anemone
Top Coat of NYC

Thanks to Kari again for the inspiration!


Friday, 2 September 2011

Nebula Nails... Take Two

I posted my first set of Nebula Nails all the way back in February [here] and I decided yesterday that I wanted to give them another shot. This look is still really popular and so easy to do. You just cannot get them wrong!

I think I may have gone a bit overboard with these though. There are crazy colours and some irrational sponging involved. But as I said, they just work, and somehow always will as long as you have a sponge and some glitter!

Here are the polishes I used clockwise from top middle:
W7 - Purple Paradise
E.L.F - Twinkle
GOSH - Holographic
George @ Asda - Buttercup Shine
Collection 2000 Hot Looks - Dynasty
George @ Asda - Cloudless Sky
Wet N Wild - White

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