Saturday, 30 April 2011

Lots o' Layers

Todays nails took a lot of time and planning! Last night I applied the base colour, stamp and a top coat. Then I waited until this morning to make sure the base was good and dry, before using some scotch tape to section off part of my nail and paint on a darker blue colour. I think it looks kind of like a persian rug but I did watch 'Prince of Persia' this week so perhaps I just have Persia on the brain!

Plate: Bundle Monster BM222
Base Colour: Barry M Cyan Blue
Stamp Colour: GOSH Metallic Purple
Rimmel Blue My Mind
A stripe of GOSH Metallic Purple applied with a nail brush
Top Coat of NYC


Thursday, 28 April 2011

Glitter Daisies

I picked up this Urban Outfitters polish in a charity shop (thrift store) a few weeks ago for just £1. There was a whole tub of them but I most of the colours didn't really catch my eye. I assume they were old stock because they also had loads of Urban Outfitters jewellery but it was still fairly expensive so I didn't buy any.
They've tried to scribble out the brand and original price on the side but the pen they used is only like 20% opaque!

Plate: Bundle Monster BM205
Base Colour: Urban Outfitters - Denim Blue
Stamp Colour: Stargazer 118
I used Models Own Juicy Jules to fill in a few of the flowers with a little nail brush
Top Coat of NYC


Wednesday, 27 April 2011

(I'm a) Bundle Monster

I know what you're thinking... 'Four posts in three days??!! Who are you and what have you done with Sammy?'
Well the truth is I'm just in the middle of a blogging buzz at the moment so I don't how long I'll be able to keep this up. If only I could put as much love and devotion in to studying I'd be getting top marks in all my classes!

I used one of the new Bundle Monsters for today's mani. I reviewed the new set of plates earlier. If you missed it, click here to see the post. This was one of the designs I was most excited about when I saw the previews the Bundle Monster was teasing us with. I'm obsessed with all things feathers and wings at the moment as reflected in my recent jewellery choices so I had to try this one out first. I'd call it a peacock tail pattern and I bet it would be awesome with multiple colours, greens and blues, so I might try that soon.

Plate: Bundle Monster BM 216
Base Colour: No7 Poolside Blue
Stamp Colour: GOSH Metallic Blue
Top Coat of NYC

I've created a new label, 'Bundle Monster 2.0', which is where I'll be listing all the manis I do with the new plates instead of adding to the Bundle Monster label which is creeping up to 100. If there are any of the new designs that people would like to see, just leave your requests in the comments. There are so many that I just don't know where to start so I'm happy to show you any that have caught your eye.

New Bundle Monster Plates Review/Comparison

My set of the new Bundle Monster plates arrived in the post this morning so I immediately cracked them open and started inspecting them! I'll post my new mani later today but for now I want to share my thoughts on the new plates and show you how they compare to the old Bundle Monsters and Konads.

The first thing I noticed about these plates is how crisp the designs look. On the last set, some of the designs lack definition but Bundle Monster have really upped their game this time around.
Every plate in the set comes covered with a thin sheet of blue plastic. I'm not 100% sure why but I would guess that it's just to protect the plates from any scratches during the final stages of production and packaging. I think this is great because I like to remove the coverings as I use each plate so I can see which ones I've already used and which ones I still have to play with!

Another improvement that they've made is to add a plastic covering to the back of the plates, exactly the same as you'll find on the back of Konad plates. I've read about plenty of minor injuries caused by the old BM plates, although I've never suffered any myself, which have quite rough edges so I'm sure this new backing is a welcome addition to all BM owners. The new BMs still aren't as smooth as Konad plates around the edges but unless you run your finger along the edge while applying pressure, they aren't going to cut you!

I think the new feature that most people were looking forward to was the larger designs that Bundle Monster promised us. The 'all-over' patterns on the old Bundle Monsters are too small to even cover my short, fairly narrow nails and lots of people found themselves with the same problem. The designs just weren't sufficient in size to cover the nail with one stamp which led to double stamping with dodgy joins.
So, with me being a perfectionist and general neat freak, I had to measure up all of the designs and put a little graphic together to show you my results! All measurements are in mm, size descending.
New Bundle Monsters: 16 x 13
Konad Plates: 15.5 x 12
Old Bundle Monsters: 14 x 10

The all over designs on the new BMs are indeed bigger than on the old ones and are even bigger than the Konad designs. They're only bigger than the Konads in height by half a millimetre which is only a tiny amount but could make all the difference. 

You can buy the NEW plates from here or direct from Bundle Monster here.
You can also buy these plates from Amazon UK.


Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Bright Purple for a Bright Day

The gorgeous weather we've been having is starting to dwindle but it was still bright outside today so I went out in to the garden to take my pictures. I think they come out much nicer in direct sunlight. Normally I just take them in my bedroom.

I ordered a new mp3 player from Tesco today which will be ready for me to pick up at my local store on Thursday. Now, you may not think this a particularly exciting event but I've been rocking various really old Creative Zens for a few years now and I finally decided it was time to catch up with the rest of the world and get something a bit more modern. Also, my Zen Micro keeps switching off whenever it pleases thanks to some rattly insides and is so old that it's not really even compatible with my computer!

I went for the Sony NWZ-S754 in blue which was a bargain because I took advantage of the double up your Clubcard vouchers offer so I only had to put £20 towards it. Apologies to anyone not in the UK who'll have no idea what I'm talking about. 'Clubcard' a loyalty card scheme for the massive supermarket chain, Tesco, and you can get some amazing rewards from them. I've already had 3 annual magazine subscriptions without a penny coming out of my pocket.

Konad Plate: M57
Base Colour: Barry M Bright Purple
Konad Colour: Stargazer White
Top Coat of NYC


Monday, 25 April 2011

Tips Please

Belated Happy Easter to everyone! I've had a such a great weekend, I really don't want it to end but unfortunately it's back to reality tomorrow. I'm back home from Uni at the moment so I saw plenty of my good school friends on Saturday night and spent Sunday and today with family. Now I really have to knuckle down and study for my upcoming exams before I get a nice big break for the Summer.

Konad Plate: M35
Base Colour: Carla Di Roma - Grape Wine
Konad Colour: GOSH - Metallic Purple
Top Coat of NYC

I posted a make-up look on my other blog today. When I went to see Sucker Punch last week I couldn't stop staring at the make-up so I decided to try out Baby Doll's look. It's a picture heavy post so I didn't feel like it would fit here!! Click here or on the picture to see the post.


Thursday, 21 April 2011

BK Matte Pureple

I have some great news guys! I was one of the winning 25 in the Bundle Monster competition. I want to thank every single one of you that voted for me, I really couldn't have done it without you. If, like me, you love yourself a bit of internet drama, there was some controversy on Bundle Monster's facebook page when one of the girls who didn't place in the top 25 got on her high horse and started complaining about the competition, even going as far as to single out another innocent girl's entry like a playground bully then continue to talk herself in to a deep hole. I must admit, I did put my two cents in because I just couldn't sit there and watch her going on like an intolerable toddler.

This polish is another of Born Pretty's new matte polishes called Pureple. No, that's not a typo, it really is pure-ple. 
Again, I'm super impressed with this polish. The colour is a pinky lavender soufflĂ© with a lovely frosty finish that I haven't really seen in matte polishes before. And there's not a single brush stroke in sight. 

I didn't get a great picture of it with the top coat but I can assure you it looks absolutely gorgeous. 'Twinkly' is the word I would use to describe the way it looks with a glossy top coat - somewhere between a glitter and holographic. I just love it.

The design is from Konad Plate M64 stamped with Nails Inc. Victoria and finished with a top coat of NYC.

You can buy the polish here and as I mentioned before, postage is free worldwide so I really recommend you take a look at Born Pretty Store if you're in need of any nail supplies.


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Sitting, Waiting, Swishing

I want to thank everyone for the amazing response I had to my recent EOTD post. You all seemed to like it so I'm looking forward to doing more in the future. You also reminded me that it's my blog so I should basically post what I want which is something I sometimes forget and I then start worrying about the fact that I'm not a nail art machine when there's no reason to get all stressed out about it!

I don't really have much of an opinion on these nails and I wasn't even going to post this because I really can't make up my mind about them. I don't dislike the mani but I'm not in love with it either! I think it's kind of 'pretty' but just not something I'm used to seeing on my nails, it's a strange feeling!

Base Colour: Glo Baby Glo from Primark - Fondant
Stripe Colours: BYS in Glittering Purple and Rimmel I ♥ Lasting Finish in Azure
I used a striping brush to paint on the 'swishes'

Have you voted for me in the Bundle Monster competition today? I hate shamelessly nagging and pestering you all but it would be really lovely if you could click over to the competition and give me a thumbs up! Just click here or here. Thanks!!


Monday, 18 April 2011

BK Matte Smoky Grey Black

Jessica from Born Pretty Store got in contact with me recently to tell me about some new polishes that she had in stock. They're Matte so I immediately jumped at the chance to review them. I have a long standing love affair with matte nails though I don't actually own many polishes that are matte, I always just use a matte top coat to get 'the look'. The name on the bottle is BK, which I've never heard of before. 

I was pleasantly surprised at the high quality and finish of this polish, especially since it's such a low price. The brush is narrow and flat which made it really easy to apply the polish neatly. It was opaque in two coats but, as I do with all dark colours, I added another for maximum colour intensity. I love that it's full of tiny silver flecks which give a great depth to the polish, as opposed to it being a flat old grey.
Manglaze Fuggen Ugly came to mind when I saw this polish on my nails. I don't own Fuggen Ugly myself but I looked at a few swatches and to my eyes it seems like a really close match.

I added the bluebell design from Konad M54 using GOSH Metallic Purple and finished it off with a top coat of NYC. I definitely prefer this polish matte. The silver speckle is really muted with a glossy top coat.

You can buy this shade from Born Pretty Store here. Shipping is free worldwide! How amazing is that? And all the products are so cheap. I actually just ordered a few of the Konad copies which are only $1.55 each at the moment because I really want to see how they compare to real Konad plates. 
I have to add one thing about Born Pretty which is that the website is kind of a nuisance to navigate and can be hard to understand in some places (example) but I think this is just down to some bad translation. For the prices of the stuff, I'm not really going to complain!


Thursday, 14 April 2011

EOTD Purple Coffee

As well as nails, I also really love make-up. Since I joined the blogging world and discovered the huge variety of topics that are covered by bloggers, I've started reading more and more beauty blogs.

I've been posting on another blog which I call 'my beauty blog' (because I couldn't even think up a decent name for it and I hate saying the one it has) but because my heart is really in nail blogging, beauty has become an 'on-the-side' project and I don't feel like it really warrants a whole other blog. So I thought that today I would post an Eye Of The Day (EOTD) and see how you guys react to its presence here on The Nailasaurus. I just figured that these are the kinds of posts I look forward to seeing on other blogs so perhaps there will be readers here that like them too.

If it gets a good reaction, I'll post more make-up looks in the future. It will never take over the purpose of this blog, which is nails and nail art, and the posts will be few and far between without a lot of my chatter like this one! I think I'll put a little poll over in the sidebar where you can vote whether you'd like to see these kinds of posts or whether you'd prefer it if I just stick to the nails!

Primark Prime of your Life - In The Pink
Liner: E.L.F Cream Eyeliner - Black smudged underneath the eyeshadow and on the waterline
Inner Corner: Bourjois Eyeshadow - 90 Blanc
Lid: E.L.F Brightening Eye Colour - Silver Lining
Crease: Sleek - Sunset i-Divine Palette
Lashes: Jerome Alexander Mascara

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Lady Luck I Need You Now

Jamie Woon - Lady Luck

Plate: Bundle Monster BM21
Base Colour: Barry M Cyan Blue
Stamp Colour: Sally Hansen Amber Chrome
Top Coat of NYC

I'm gonna ask you all for a massive favour today...

You might have heard about the competition that Bundle Monster are running on their Facebook page. Contestants were asked to submit a photo of their nails decorated with Bundle Monster products and the 25 entrants with the most votes from the public will win a set of their new plates.

The picture above is a sneak peek of the mani I entered into the competition. I would really appreciate if you could click over to the competition here or here to take a quick look at my entry and see if you think I'm deserving of your vote. It's a really simple thumbs up system for voting.
You can vote for each entry once per day. So you can bet I'm gonna be nagging you every time I post until the competition is over haha.

Thank You :)

Sunday, 10 April 2011

OPI Black Shatter And Other Cracking News

Thanks very much to the wonderful Diana @ The Girl With A Bow for providing me with my 2nd ever OPI polish. She held a quick giveaway last month and I was the lucky winner of a bottle of Black Shatter. I know I'm kind of late hopping on the bandwagon and there are probably hundreds of swatches of this polish all over the blogsphere but I thought I'd post it anyway since I love it even more than I expected to. I used Barry M Cyan Blue as a base then just slapped on a coat of the Black Shatter. Easy Peasy.

I think the crackle polishes that are gaining popularity fast this year are such a quick and simple way to make your nails stand out from the crowd. Or at least for now, what with every brand and their sister releasing a cracking range! But with all the colours that are now available and the effects you can get from applying the polish in other ways than the traditional cuticle-to-tip such as side-to-side or zig-zagging, you're sure to find a combination that's wholly yours.

For the Brits among us who don't have much access to OPI and China Glaze, you'll be pleased to know that Barry M are extending their crackle range and have now released their 'Instant Nail Effects' polish in Blue, Pink and White following the success of the Black (info here).

Models Own are also releasing a collection of 9 'Smash-Up' polishes. The Black and Silver will be available to buy in Boots from April 20th. The other 7 vivid colours will be available to buy on their website this month.

My blog posts may be more intermittent than usual/non-existent for a while as I'm staying at my parents house while my ankle is healing up and have hardly any nail supplies with me. 

Thursday, 7 April 2011


What an eventful week I've had! I had a great night out on Saturday with my friends and managed to wake up bright and early on Sunday morning to catch a train home to surprise my Mum for Mother's Day. I came back to my house on Tuesday afternoon and spent the evening relaxing. 
I was looking forward to a fun packed Wednesday. I'd planned an afternoon in the park while the sun had his hat on and was looking forward to either another night out or a trip to the cinema but it all went downhill on my way home from uni. If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know all about my woes!
As I was walking home I tripped on some uneven ground and reeeeallly hurt my ankle. At first I thought it wasn't that bad and that I'd be able to hobble home but then I looked down and it had already swollen a lot (picture of the swelling here if you like injuries and whatnot!). I called my friends to come and rescue me and we got a lift to the hospital where we spent the rest of the afternoon. I had an x-ray and luckily it isn't a break, just a bad sprain, so they sent me home with crutches and some information about caring for a sprained ankle. I've spent practically every hour since then stuck in bed with my foot propped up and I'm starting to get cabin fever! It will be a long while until I take my ability to walk for granted again. Everything is such a hassle with only the one leg functioning properly.

Plate: Bundle Monster - BM05
Base Colour: Barry M Bright Purple
Stamp Colour: GOSH Metallic Purple
Models Own Juicy Jules in the center of the stars
Top Coat of NYC


Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Rimmel Blue My Mind

Plate: Bundle Monster BM21
Base Colour: Rimmel 60 Seconds - Blue My Mind
Konad Colour: GOSH - Metallic Purple
Top Coat of NYC


Saturday, 2 April 2011

The Nailasaurus is One Year Old!

It was my blog's birthday last night and I missed it. I saw that Steph @ Imperfectly Painted is having a blogaversary giveaway so I decided to have a look back and see when my first post was because I knew it must be coming up to a year and it was exactly one year to the day! I feel kinda bad that I missed it. Like I should have had a giveaway, or at the least a post, prepared but oh well. I'm planning a giveaway soon to make up for it.

I got Juicy Jules last weekend and I'm infatuated with it! It is without doubt THE sparkliest polish I own and it's just stunning in the sun. I plan on wearing it a lot in the summer.

The base colour is Urban Outfitters Matte Black and I used a sponge to apply the Juicy Jules to the tips in a gradient.
I used two coats of NYC to finish it off.

And out of focus so you can see all the amazing holographicness of the glitter...

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