Thursday, 31 March 2011

Preview: New Bundle Monster Plates

You may have noticed that I don't post many previews. In fact, I don't think I've ever posted one but this upcoming release has me really excited.

Bundle Monster have been posting previews of the new plates on their Facebook recently. So far, they've been kind enough to show us five of their new designs.
This time around there will be 25 plates with 'lots of full nail and french tip designs'. The full nail and tip designs will be larger than the ones on the last set which I'm sure will come as good news to everyone.

At the moment, I can't find any evidence of a release date that's set in stone. It seems as though the guys over at Bundle Monster are working as hard as they can to finalize all the designs and make the plates available to us as soon as they can, which should be just a few weeks.

Follow Bundle Monster on Facebook and/or Twitter if you want to be the first to know when these plates go on sale.

I can't wait for the release of these plates and I'll be getting them as soon as possible. Here's to hoping they won't sell out before I get a chance!

EDIT: Since I posted this, they have released more pictures on their Facebook page. There are pictures of the actual plates and you can see the new, bigger pattern size.
The set of 25 plates will cost $21.99.

EDIT: Since I first published this post, I've edited it a few times to add new plates as we get them. There are a further 6 plates to the ones in the picture above and here they are all together.

EDIT: 3 more previews added 21/04/11

To buy these plates from @ $21.99, click here
To buy these plates from @ £16.99, click here


Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Do You Think I'm Tex-y Too?

It's just a quick one today. I did spend quite a while writing about how I think this shade is similar to OPI's Do You Think I'm Tex-y then realised it didn't really make any sense! I blame it on the cold I've been suffering with since the weekend, my head is all stuffed up and I'm just too tired to make real sentences.

Konad Plate: M57
Base Colour: NYC Glossies 235
Konad Colour: Stargazer White
Top Coat of NYC

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Scotch Tape Take Two

Try and say that ten times fast?!
I just want to say thank you for all the lovely birthday messages. I truly loved them, thank you so much. It's so good to hear that plenty of you are still acting young for your years and getting away with it!
I've gone for a patchwork look this time with the scotch tape. The base is BYS Metallic Fuschia, then I painted on the purple sections with Barbara Daly Velour and the last layer is Rimmel Lycra Wear Black Satin. I used a thick top coat of NYC in an attempt to flatten out the lines.

Then I added some little sequins which I think is a nice touch but I preferred it without.


Friday, 25 March 2011

20 Candles

I turned twenty today. It's kind of momentus but disappointing at the same time. I'm no longer a teenager, I am a fully qualified 'adult' which I suppose is okay, but I sure am gonna miss being a teenager and getting away with all the things you can before you reach this age. Only five years ago, I was looking up at twenty-somethings and thinking, 'Woooooooow, look how old and responsible they are' but now it's me and I still feel like a 13 year old inside, but I suppose it'll always be that way.

So the nails are a cake and candles!

George @ Asda - Natural White
Collection 2000 Hot Looks - Dynasty
BYS - Astro Gold
Nails Inc - Victoria

Rimell Lycra Wear - Black Satin
Stargazer - White
Sally Hansen Chrome - Amber

I used nail art brushes to freehand the candles and a dotting tool for the flames.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Nautical But Nice

I hit the shops with my mum on the weekend and it seems that nautical is in again this summer which I'm very pleased to see. I love all the colours and patterns associated with the sailor style. Nearly everything I purchased was blue and/or white with plenty of stripes, sail boats and anchors to boot.
I spent this week searching for a perfect navy blue polish at a cheap price but didn't find much luck. Then I remembered I had this blue in my collection and the lemming totally disappeared. This colour is just the perfect accessory for a nautical outfit.

Plate: Bundle Monster BM08
Base Colour: No7 Poolside Blue
Stripes: Stargazer White applied with a striping brush
Stamp Colour: Sally Hansen Chrome - Amber
Top Coat of NYC


Monday, 21 March 2011


So far I've been keeping up with my blogging schedule. For those of you that didn't catch my post a little while back, I mentioned that instead of putting pressure on myself to post every day as I used to, I'm setting myself a goal of 3 posts per week. I've finalized the plan and the schedule is to post on Monday, Wednesday and either Saturday or Sunday. Whenever there is a special occasion, like St. Patrick's Day for example, I might throw in a quick, freebie nail art post.

Last night was my first attempt at a 'Scotch Tape Mani' made famous, I believe, by the fabulous Erika at Chloe's Nails*. It basically involves placing strips of scotch tape on your nails which act as a stencil to give you crisp lines between multiple coats of colour. Depending how you use the tape, you can get all kinds of great results and it's so easy to do. Make sure you check out Erika's blog to see what amazing effects you can achieve.

My first few attempts were a bit disastrous to say the least. I'm very impatient and wanted to get to bed so I kept putting the scotch tape on too quickly and it would rip off the base colour so after a few failures I decided to leave my base coat to dry over night before subjecting it to any tape torture.

I used Jay Jays Thrillseeker as the base colour and applied a top coat of NYC last night. I got to the fun bit in the morning when I applied the tape diagonally across my finger and used BYS Fools Paradise for the second segment. I then applied Barry M Blue Glitter with a striping brush for the dividing line and topped it off with another top coat of NYC.

* If I have this wrong and you know of someone else who was using the technique before Erika, please let me know as I like to give credit where credit's due.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

My Top 10 Colours

Despite having a very sizeable collection of nail polish in my possession, it seems I'm always reaching for the same ones when I'm refreshing mani and I'm sure a lot of you find the same. So I thought I'd do a quick round up of my favourites. I've picked out my ten favourite colours, most of which (kind of predictably) are blues and purples, then listed them from most worn down to slightly less worn.

Barry M 
Cyan Blue
Blue is my favourite colour. If there are colour options for anything, I take the blue every time without a second thought! I can't put my finger on why I love this shade so much but it's at the top of my list.

Sometimes I don't feel like wearing anything too loud on my nails but I need to wear a polish to cover the yellow staining that I have from years of non-stop polish wear. This colour is perfect because it gives great coverage in 2 coats and it doesn't look like I'm even wearing any polish. I just ordered my second bottle as this one is nearly dried up.

Fools Paradise
This colour is quite similar to Barry M Cyan Blue but there's more green in it. When I first bought it, it was runny and sheer but since it's thickened up, it only needs one coat so is great if I'm in a rush. It's even thick enough for stamping these days.

Prince Street
This is one of the most unique shades in my stash. It's the perfect purple with a frosty metallic finish and it looks absolutely stunning with a matte top coat.

Barry M
Bright Purple
This purple has a hint of pink which makes it very easy to wear. It's not as bright as the name would lead you to believe but just bright enough that it stands out from my other purples.

Metallic Fuschia
I hardly ever wear pink shades of polish. It's just not a very 'me' colour, but this one from BYS is dark and metallic so it looks very classy and verges on red.

Barbara Daly
This one is a berry pink with a subtle frosty finish. The bottle is tiny and nearly all gone so I'm having to scrape the polish from the edges!

La Femme
Grey Cream
I only acquired this shade recently and it's my first light grey. I can't believe I never purchased a similar colour before. Maybe some will think it's boring but I think grey nails look great on anyone.

Everyone needs a dark purple in their possession. I actually have quite a few but this is my favourite. It's not too dark that it looks black and it has tiny flecks of glitter in.

Totally Teal
This comes out so much darker than it looks here. It's such a rich colour and definitely the darkest of all my favourites.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

St Patty's Day Mani

I know these aren't really shamrocks because they have four leaves but hopefully no one will call me up on it today!

Plate: Bundle Monster BM03
Base Colour: Collection 2000 Hot Looks - Spangles
Stamp Colour: BYS - Fern
Top Coat of NYC


Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Blue Diamonds

It seems that Twitter has broken down. I don't know what to do with myself, I've been sat here refreshing for 15 minutes but still nothing. What does Twitter think it is? Tumblr?!
It's been so long since I used one of my matte top coats so I cracked them out again. I know I say this every time I use an all over geometrical pattern but I love that you can't tell which colour is the base and which has been stamped on. Apart from when I mess up the double stamp on my thumb, which is every time!

Plate: Bundle Monster BM16
Base Colour: Barry M Cyan Blue
Stamp Colour: NYC Glossies 243B
Top Coat of NYC


Tuesday, 15 March 2011

BYS Fools Paradise

Tonight I went to see Rango with some friends - it's now in my top 3 animated films ever. Every frame looks so perfect and the humour is just up my alley. I was more in the mood to see Battle: LA but I'm so glad we saw Rango instead.
It seems like when I watch films, I concentrate more on the aesthetic than what's actually happening in the story. I think this is why I love films like Tron: Legacy, The Cell, and Legend of the Guardians which I know plenty of people don't for one reason or another. I just love watching them for the sake of watching them. They don't have to please my brain when I can just drink them up with my eyes.

Konad Plate: M57
Base Colour: BYS - Fools Paradise
Konad Colour: China Glaze - Adore
Top Coat of NYC


Saturday, 12 March 2011

No7 Temptress

The time has come again when Boots are giving away a £5 No7 or Ruby and Millie voucher with any purchase of £5 or more in store. I had to buy hair dye yesterday so I grabbed my voucher and, as I always do, pelted over to the No7 counter to pick out a polish.
I picked up 'Temptress' which, in the bottle, looks like Brown with a hint of Red. When I put it on, I was kind of disappointed because it's more of a Red with a hint of Brown. I'd call it burgundy. 

Application wasn't any prettier than the resulting colour. There was plenty of drag, I had to use 3 coats and the coverage is still patchy with some visible nail line.

I was super disappointed when I put this on yesterday but I've been wearing it since and it's really grown on me. It's very elegant but vampy at the same time. I don't think this formula is worth the full price of £7 but if you have a voucher, it's worth paying £2. However, there are plenty of other exquisite shades in the range that are more deserving of your attention. 

Handwriting Tag

I'm jumping on the bandwagon and doing this handwriting tag that it seems everyone and their mother did yesterday. I wasn't tagged but decided to do it because it's something a bit different than the regular tags that go around. I hope you can read my writing!

All you have to do is write down your answers to these questions and take a picture.

1. What is your name? And your blog name?
2. Blog URL
3. Write: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
4. Favourite quote
5. Favourite song
6. Favourite band/singers
7. Say anything you want
8. Pass it along to a few bloggers

I tag YOU!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

♪♫ Love Is The Coal That Makes This Train Roll

I know you're probably getting sick of my unexplained, extended absences and I'm really sorry! So far, this year has been one crazy whirlwind of events and I'm finding it impossible to make time for blogging. I'm trying to get some structure back in the blog so I think instead of attempting a new mani every day, I'm gonna aim for three a week on set days (I'm thinking Monday, Wednesday and Saturday) so you'll know what you can expect.

The internet connection in my house has been down since Sunday and no-one's called up to fix it since it's an 08 number and we only have cell phones so it will cost upwards of 35p per minute to call the ISP (I know it doesn't sound much, but we're all really stingy).
  I'm blogging from home home today (my parents' house) since I had to come back to get one of my wisdom teeth pulled. I've been complaining about it for months so I'm glad it's finally gone. It wasn't half as bad as I was expecting and I barely even felt the injections. It was actually the nicest procedure I've ever had done in a dentist's office, if anything that takes place there can be called nice!

For the mani I used:
Carla Di Roma - Grape Wine
A coat of BYS Tinkerbell
Barry M Blue Glitter sponged from the corners downwards
GOSH Metallic Blue freehanded for the lines using a striper brush (eBay)

I've made a few additions to my list of regular polishes that work well for stamping. This GOSH Metallic Blue is on there! Head over to the Stamping Polishes page if you want to see all of the polishes I use for stamping.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Awesome Aztec

I am now in love with freehand nail art! It takes longer and is not as 'perfect' looking as stamping but there is so much more you can do with it. That's not to say I will be freehanding my nails all the time because there just aren't enough hours in the day but it's definitely something I'm going to keep playing with whenever inspiration strikes.
Today's idea, once again, comes from Marina at Forever The Ugly Duckling. She just has too many great ideas! She suggested I try an Aztec pattern so I did some searching for a reference and found this pair of printed leggings which I based my design on.

 I used Avon Chocolate as a base and GOSH Metallic Blue for the patterns and topped it off with a coat of NYC In a New York Minute top coat.
The brush I used is from this set available from the Born Pretty Store.
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