12 Days of Christmas Nails: Day 7… Sweet Talkin, Sugar Coated Candy Cane

It’s starting to feel very Christmassy around here. I’ve had my first glimpse of snow yesterday and our house is completely decked out with lights and decorations! 
As I type this, I’m watching 101 Dalmatians which I think qualifies as a Christmas movie because there’s snow everywhere. It takes me back to being about 6 years old although I have a completely new appreciation for it now I’m old enough to know that Hugh Laurie and Mark Williams (Horace and Jasper) are British comedy legends!
Today’s nails were inspired by Christmas Candy Canes and they look quite tasty if I say so myself!

I used Barry M Matt White as a base and used a striping brush to freehand the stripes with La Femme Cherry Red.