FAQ: Inspired by Fashion

Thank you for the amazing response to yesterday’s post! I’ve been overwhelmed reading all your lovely comments and tweets. There were a few questions that kept popping up in the comments so I thought I’d do a quick little FAQ to answer your queries.

Where did you get the studs?
They are from Viva La Nails and come in a huge range of colours. You can also get them from Born Pretty Store and I’m sure there must be countless other online stores that sell them. Just search for ‘bullion’.
Viva La Nails
Born Pretty

How did you place the studs?
I used a cocktail stick/toothpick to pick them up and place them on the nail. I dipped the very end of the stick in a little bit of clear nail polish to make it tacky so the bullion would stick to it.

How did you get the studs to stick?
One nail at a time, I applied a coat of clear nail polish – one that I know is slow drying – and then placed the beads on and pushed them down into the polish a little. When I’d finished my whole hand, I added a topcoat of NYC which sealed all the work and made the mani nice and shiny.

How well did the studs stay on?
They actually stayed on really well. Because they’re only teeny tiny, I found that they didn’t really catch on anything. I did some fiddly work with my hands and a few of them got forced off but if I was careful with with them, I’m sure they’d have lasted all day (at least). Like many of you said you would too, I ended up picking them all off after about 8 hours of wearing them!