A-England Mythicals Review (Elaine, Galahad, Lancelot, Tristam)

About A-England
A-England is an indie nail polish brand created by a lovely lady called Adina Bodana and based in London, England. The concept behind the brand is great – beautiful, quality polishes to ‘crown your hands and feet’. 
The Mythicals collection is a range of regal colours with majestic names taken from the legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table (wiki). I love this touch, it really gives a whole new level of authenticity to the brand and truly shows the love that’s been poured in to creating the collection.
Swatches clockwise from top left: Elaine*, Galahad*, Tristam*, Lancelot*

Swatches here
Elaine is the ultimate Royal Purple. Application is flawless in two coats and it’s so shiny, even without a top coat! Elaine and Galahad have very similar formulas – they’re so creamy which makes them very easy to apply.

Swatches here
Turquoise is my absolute favourite colour to wear on my nails and Galahad fits the bill perfectly. Again, it’s a two coater – the formula is creamy and applies like a dream.

Swatches here
You can just about tell from the swatches that Lancelot is a red tinged black shade. Super vampy and a heart-breaker, just like it’s namesake. My only qual with this shade is that it chips much quicker than the others – after about 2 days tip wear was quite visible. It’s still a reasonably long lasting polish but the other shades lasted longer before they started chipping on the tips.

Swatches here
Aaah Tristam. This is truly a beautiful polish. In shade or under artificial light, it’s a pretty, glass flecked Indigo shade but in sunlight, the holographic effect is revealed and it sparkles every colour of the rainbow. This is going to be gracing my toes a lot in the summer months!

You can buy The Mythicals Collection from a-england.co.uk with free worldwide shipping.

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