Day 30: Inspired by a Tutorial

Here we are at the penultimate day of the challenge and I’m getting a little emotional. This amazing journey will soon be over for Me, Chris and Rie so I’m gonna go out with a bang and give you the most awesome manis I can for the next two days!

Today I had to pick a tutorial to inspire my nails and I’ve always wanted to try out some of Jane @ Nailside‘s amazing designs. Jane comes up with the most amazing uses for scotch tape and her nails always look incredible.

I really wanted to try recreating her explosion design but I’m not very good with scotch tape so that went belly up very quickly and I decided to try her cartoon hearts. Swoon.

Follow me over to Cristina and Rie‘s tutorial inspired nails today.

My base colour is A-England Elaine. I used whit acrylic paint and Nails Inc. Shoreditch for the hearts, then topped it off with a few coats of NYC Top Coat.

I won’t give you any details of how I achieved this look, you’ll have to head over to see the tutorial at Nailside [here] and you can check out all of Jane’s simple but stunning tutorials here.

For ‘Day 31: Recreate Your Favourite Challenge’ we’ve decided to pick our favourite challenges from each other so check back tomorrow for a double feature!