Day 25: Inspired by Fashion

I’ll be honest here – I’m not a very fashion conscious person. I’m not trying to sound conceited but I may come across like that anyway, but I believe personal style > fashion. So the first thing I did for researching today’s nails was to Google ‘Fashion’!
After a bit of searching, I stumbled upon Michael Kors’ website and fell in love with the simplicity and elegance of his dress designs. I quickly chose this dress as my inspiration.

Thankfully, Rie and Cris know a bit more than me about fashion. Head over to see their couture creations today.

Studded Nails Original

I used W7 Black as a base colour then slicked on GOSH top coat and placed
on the bullion before it dried.
I used a top coat of NYC to seal it all in.

Studded Nails Original

This dress is so classic yet the studs give it that rock-chick rebel vibe. I love it! I feel like such a bad-ass wearing studded nails! I’ll be wearing my biker boots and leather jacket today.

Studded Nails Original