Sunday, 30 October 2011

Day 21: Inspired by a Colour

Today's criteria is a bit of an odd one. I couldn't decide if it meant inspired by an actual colour or inspired by a shade name or even something else completely that I didn't pick up on! In the end I decided to rummage through my stash to see if any of the colour names inspired me and this Rimmel polish, Purple Reign, gave me an idea straight away.

I decided to make a mani from the name and stamp crowns on my nails. Get it? Purple REIGN ;)

Head over to see whar Cristina and Rie came up with today.

Plate: Bundle Monster BM08
Base Colour: Rimmel - Purple Reign
Stamp Colour: GOSH Metallic Purple
Top Coat of NYC



  1. It is a bit of a weird one today! Great choice though!

  2. I'm doing the same challenge (though I'm not anywhere as far as you guys are - I don't post every day) and have wondered about the day 21 too.. I keep thinking it's "inspired by a polish" until I look at the list and see it's "by a color".
    I love how you solved the problem today! Your mani reigns! I also love how the crowns you stamped go with the tiny crown in the Rimmel logo, just over the R. This is a winner!

  3. Thanks Jenni!

    Eugenia - Holy frick I didn't even realise there was a crown on the bottle. I love your observation skills! What's your blog link?

    Moonchild - >.< Thank you


  4. Sammy your manis are always so perfect and your nails so pretty! Am so loving everything you do! Love how you did the name and the design to match. Very cool.

  5. guys must get better Rimmel polishes over there, I've never seen anything as gorgeous as this purple over here! Jealous!

    Like Eugenia, I thought it was cool that you added the crown since Rimmel has the crown for their logo.

  6. Oh wow - this is gorgeous! The crown, royalty wears purple - great idea!!!

  7. Hahha, perfect solution to today's challenge! I really like the shade of purple too. ^_^

  8. Sammy, I love it! I decided last night that I am going to try the challenge (after Rie gave me that final nudge on twitter, lol). Wish me luck!!

  9. I like this look a lot. Very nice!

  10. So fun how you took the name literally and yet the manicure turned out so cool! Yaay!
    I'll be back tomorrow ;)

  11. These are so adorable! And the crowns are perfect!

  12. This is SO Clever!! I love the little crowns!

  13. Would <3 to do this!!! how did you get the crowns to look so perfect!?!?!?


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