Saturday, 29 October 2011

31 Day Challenge: Days 1-20

So here we are at Day 20 of the challenge and I just want to say how proud I am of RieCris and myself for making it this far! The end is in sight and it really looks like we're going to make it. 

Thank you so much to all you amazing people that stop by to check out our challenges every day! Here's a quick recap of Days 1-20 in case you missed any...



  1. I loved every single one, I'm sure the ones that follow will be even prettier!

  2. Every single one of your challenges was amazing. All your designs are so crisp and perfect :)

  3. Gorgeous gorgeous GORGEOUS!! I love your nails, and I'm proud of you guys for making it this far too!

  4. all your manicures look great ;-)

  5. Congrats!! Good luck for the other days left!!
    Your manis are great!!

  6. All the designs are beautiful but my favourite till now is the half moon design :D Good luck for the days left!


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