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These Are My Confessions: Stash Post

Who remembers that Usher Song? SO good!
I've had a few requests for a stash post and this weekend I finally got around to taking all the pictures and deciding how to present it all! The closest I've come to a Stash post before was showing you the contents of my nail art drawer all the way back in July 2010. You can see the post here.

Since I started blogging nearly 18 months ago, my stash has grown astronomically. Compared to other nail bloggers whose stash posts I've seen, my stash is tiny. But compared to your average girl on the street, I look like a complete polish-freak, nut job, obsessive!

I keep all my polishes in these plastic drawers, grouped by brand, and I have other hiding places for the rest of the stuff I use. I'll run you through the drawers first, left to right, top to bottom.
Most of the drawers have a few randoms in the mix that are just stuck there because they fit well. I'll just list the main brands that are in each drawer.

If you only want to see nail art stuff, scroll to the end.

Stack 1, Drawer 1
This drawer is full of my 'tall' bottles and frankens. 
OPI, Sally Hansen, No7, W7, La Femme, Jay Jays.

Stack 1, Drawer 2
NYC, Models Own, Maybelline, Primark, Rimmel, Avon,

Stack 1, Drawer 3
Square Bottles
Barry M, BYS

Stack 1, Drawer 4
E.L.F, GOSH, Collection 2000, George, Nails Inc., Barbara Daly

The second stack is kind of a dumping ground for new items and leftover items. It used to be quite full but I recently had a clear out in an attempt to fit all my polishes in to one stack.

Stack 2, Drawer 1
Nail file/buffer, bottles for frankening (all from top coats), feathers, some embellishments that fell off a dress that I've been looking for for ages because I need to sew them back on!

Stack 2, Drawer 2
Most of these are recent acquisitions.
Urban Outfitters, Cult Nails, Miners, Miss Sporty, BK, Essence, Claires, MUA

Stack 2, Drawer 4
Nail art supplies from Viva La Nails, Born Pretty and eBay.
There are water decals, sequins, rhinestones, bullion, fimo and a few other odds and ends.

The bottom drawer of the second stack is completely empty!

This little bag lives in the top drawer of my desk and contains all my stamping equipment.

And here it is all laid out. It looks like so much stuff to fit in such a tiny bag.

Left to right:
Stamping plate holder (it's useless, don't buy one!)
Bundle Monster 21pc set
Fauxnads from eBay
Born Pretty Konad dupes
Konad Plates
Bundle Monster 25pc set
In the middle is my stamper and the card I use for scraping.

And finally, here is a little shelf that I have fixed to the wall just next to my desk where I keep all my tools and the things that I use daily for easy access. I got the idea from WellNailed who posted her amazing find back in July.
It's actually a Bekvam Spice Rack from Ikea and only cost me £2.99. Money well spent.

Left to right:
Acetone, base coats (OPI Nail Envy, Sally Hansen Diamond Strength), top coat (NYC)
Coke glass with brushes, file, dotting tools
Pencil pot with other brushes I don't use as often
Nail Polish Remover, black and white acrylic paints
Cocktail Sticks
Scotch Tape
Leftover dotting tools and brushes that I never use

Thanks for reading and congratulations of you got this far! Sorry if there isn't as much detail as you were expecting but I really can't be photographing and listing every polish I own, it would take a whole week!



  1. Love it!!! But ummm... What's the toothbrush for? lol

  2. Meagan - Haha. It's a nail brush substitute! I dip it in acetone and scrub my nails with it on occasion. Like when I've got stains from blue polish or bits of polish stuck under my cuticles :D

  3. I love seeing posts like this.

  4. awesome stash. I like how you use that rack to keep all the supplies organized. very cool :)

  5. Great idea with the toothbrush!! I'm sure I have an old one hanging around somewhere. I keep my brushes in a cup too, but mine is filled with uncooked rice to help them stand upright and make it easier to find the brush I'm looking for.

  6. I really like how you have organized your things. I've been looking for plastic drawers similar to yours since I saw your other post about your drawers (about 2 months ago) but I cannot find anything usefull :(

  7. Nice stash!! M on my way to building mine!

  8. WOW you have so many stamping plates!! Amazing!! XOXO

  9. What a nice stash! Love the idea of using the makeup bag for stamping storage! :D

  10. I am a nosy creeper and I love stash/collection posts. Enjoyed this one. :)

    I am going to steal your store stamping plates in a makeup bag idea. And I agree, the plate holder is useless. I have one and it is more trouble that it is worth, I don't use it, anymore.

  11. I don't like using drawers cause then I cant see what I have! All you see are the tops! I have mine on shelves so I can see all my colors! My problem now is, they are full and I need more!

  12. This makes me want to organize my whole collection now!

  13. Awesome stash!! Mine is about this size as well :)

  14. nice stash, and love the organization of everything. I noticed you didnt put and no one else seemed to ask how many polishes do you have? just wondering.

  15. love that usher song too! i played that song on heavy rotation in my car when that cd came out!

    and i love your use of the spice rack, so creative!

  16. Barbara - Thanks!

    Courtney - Yay! If I knew so many people were interested, I'd have done it sooner :D

    S. - Thanks, I got the idea from another blogger who found the Bekvam perfect for storing her polishes. I feel terrible because I can't remember who it was :(

    Melissa - That's a good tip, I might have to try it!

    Olivia - Thank you!

    Istarh - They are quite tricky to find. They're the kind of things you always see when you don't need them and when you decide you want one, you can't find them anywhere! I got mine from a supermarket!

    Kejal - Thanks! I try really hard *not* to build mine but it just happens!

    Polish Vixen - I guess it does look like loads but I tend to use the BM's the most!

    Breigh - Thank you! I've tried other ways of storing it and I always go back to this little bag, it's the perfect size!

    Ice Queen - I know, I was super disappointed :( I tried it once, hated it and now it just sits in the bag.

    Fingers - I'd love to put mine on shelves but I don't have the space. My collection is small enough that I know pretty much every bottle by name anyway so I can always find what I need!

    nicnacksnails - Go for it! I love organising. I wish it were a legitimate career path to take. 'So what do you do for a living?'... 'I'm a trinket organiser' haha!

    imfeelingnail-venturous - I'm glad you like it, thanks for reading!

    Kelly - I think this is a healthy size stash, I have keep a check on my buying though!

    BubblyFairy - That's a very good question, I was surprised no one else asked too. I actually don't know! I can't really be bothered to count them!

    Jess - I was listening to it all day after I posted this! Thank you!



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