Sunday, 25 September 2011

So! FashioNAILble

Today's nail art comes straight from the catwalk at New York Fashion Week. I've decided to recreate a few of my favourite nail looks from NYFW Spring 2012 this week.

Even though I'm sure this design didn't originate at fashion week, CND's Wanda Ruiz used this checkerboard pattern to decorate the models' digits for the Nicole Miller show using a Raspberry Pink and Navy Blue.

I used No7 Lucky Lilac as a base. With a liner brush, I drew a cross on my nails and then used a small nail art brush to fill in two of the four sections with Primark's Yes Cyan!.

I don't know if you can see in the pictures but my top coat has bubbled a little. This could be because I used 3 coats of the stuff, or because I tried to thin it out with Nail Polish Thinner. The consistency definitely improved with the use of the thinner but it has now gone cloudy and apparently bubbly so I'll just move on to a new bottle. Not to self: don't use thinner in your top coat!



  1. I'm surprised how much I like that colour combo. very pretty design. it reminds me of alice in wonderland or something

  2. Oh my gosh I LOVE this!! Amazing!! XOXO

  3. Great colour combo :) My NYC topcoat has gone bubbly too, as it's near the end of the bottle. Time for a new one!

  4. Looks very nice I really like the colours.

  5. How did you do the shape? Via scotch tape or free hand?

  6. So adorable, great color choices!

  7. Cute!! Its turned out really neat.

  8. Your nails turned out very pretty <3

  9. I've awarded you with the Classic Beauty Award!


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