Just Like The Movies: Fight Club Nail Art

This weekend all I did was work on this blog (at the risk of sounding like a complete recluse I honestly didn’t leave my house at all on Saturday or Sunday) and it definitely paid off. Yesterday I passed 2000 pageviews with a bit of help from some Twitter friends and reached 200 likes on Facebook. I just want to take this chance thank you all so much for reading and commenting, and even those of you who just drop in from time to time for a browse – don’t think you go unnoticed. You guys make blogging worthwhile and have all helped me out when I need it most. THANK YOU!! xx
Fight Club has been one of my favourites for a very long time and it’s definitely why I’m such a David Fincher fangirl. I’ve seen every feature film he’s ever directed and I’m so so so excited for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo this December [Trailer here]
Thumb to pinky: Soap, Black Eye, Project Mayhem, Bloody Lip, Yin Yang (like the Ikea table)