Just Like The Movies: (500) Days of Summer Nail Art

Welcome to Movie Week!
I loved Week of Geek and I think you guys did too, so I’ve been cooking up ideas for another theme for a long time. The idea for ‘Just Like The Movies’ has been brewing for at least a month so I’m really happy to finally get started!
The ideas for this theme didn’t flow quite as smoothly as the Geek ideas because translating the movies on to nails took quite a bit of imagination. I had to take imagery from the films and turn it in to a simplified idea that would be possible (and hopefully quite easy) to paint on my nails. That’s not to say I didn’t have loads of fun creating the manis you’ll see this week. It’s been such a fun challenge and I’m proud of the outcome.
The films I’ve chosen are from my list of personal favourites and a few suggestions from others. 
I’m starting the week with (500) Days of Summer. Whenever I feel like watching a movie, but have no idea which one to put on, I always just go for this. It has a great soundtrack and I love the humour so it’s just easy watching. Also… Joseph Gorgon-Levitt. I loved him since he was Tommy in 3rd Rock and I just know I’ll enjoy any movie he chooses to star in.
Pinky to thumb: Ikea, Arm Drawing, Expectations vs. Reality (one of my favourite movie scenes ever, the Regina Spektor song just makes it for me), Tom’s greeting cards, 500 Days.
Click here for screen shots.

If you want any info about polishes or application techniques used, please email or tweet me 🙂