Saturday, 10 September 2011

Criss the Cross and Dot the Dot

I have a little confession to make today. I've been sitting on this for a long time because I wasn't really sure if it was a topic I wanted to talk about on the blog. I guess this has come up now because September has hit and everyone is back to the grind. School, work, whatever.
Some of you may know, or be vaguely aware, that I was studying for a degree in Accounting and Finance and the academic year approaching would have been my final year. However, during my second year (the one just gone, 2010-11) I became really discouraged in school. I didn't enjoy my subject any more, I couldn't find any motivation to put effort in to my work and as a consequence, I failed the year. 

So... I won't be going back to University this year. I'll really miss the people and the place but I'm so glad I don't have the constant worry and stress hanging over my head all the time. I'm currently 'temping' in a little office where I get on with my co-worker and there's little to no stress. All the while, searching for a permanent position to take up when this is finished.

So for now, the only question playing on my mind is 'What do I want to be when I grow up?'. Lots of people say I should study hair/nails/beauty but I don't want to go back to school for a while and I also think that take all the fun out of my hobby. I would love to pursue a career in childcare but, again, that means going back to school. For now I just plan on finding a job that I enjoy (or at least don't mind waking up for every day) and saving enough money to move in to a flat or house with my friends. I'm taking things one step at a time.

Konad Plate: Bundle Monster BM203
Base Colour: Rimmel - Electric
Konad Colour: GOSH Metallic Purple
Nails Inc - Paris
Top Coat of NYC



  1. I went through something very very similar when I was in college. I started with Archaeology, then switched to Anthropology, then graduated with my degree in criminal justice. None of which I was a passion for.
    I really wish I had graduated with my degree in social work. But I am working now in that field. Take your time love, have no regrets in life.

    That being said, everything you post I love.
    Great job on this mani!!


  2. wow wow wow! I love the design and esp the dots you did above the stamping!

  3. This looks great!

    School is not always for everyone, no matter how hard people seem to try to make it. Enjoy your life and what makes you happy will come along eventually!


  4. I love this! Don't worry about your career path- I didn't figure out what I wanted to be until I was in my late 20s. It's better to be passionate about what you do choose for a career then to do something cause you have to! One day, it'll come to you and you'll have an ahah moment and know what you want to do with your life!

  5. I laid out of college for 5 years before going back.

    This mani-art is darling!!! You have quite the steady hand. :)

  6. Lovely nails. I know how you feel about college. I have been going for 3 years and I feel like it's not for me and I desperately want to stop going.

  7. First of all, love the nails. The stamping is perfect as always.
    Secondly. You did the right thing leaving Uni if you didn't enjoy your degree anymore and it was more of a struggle than anything. Similar thing happened to me. I left Uni on my second year of a Law degree and my mum nearly had a heart attack! You seem to be on the right path so I'm pretty sure you will figure it out :)

  8. These are cute!! I love the idea of it!! I love them!! XOXO

  9. What a great design! Love the dots, very pretty.

  10. Sammy, Take ur time to decide..and be happy with what u wanna do!! Nice mani!!

  11. I'm 32 and I have a job I enjoy, but I still don't feel like I know what I want to be when I grow up. "Be gentle with yourself" has become an important motto for me, and I recommend it for any one going through life changes and big choices.

  12. wow, the rimmel and GOSH go together so well!

  13. Oh, it's very difficult find your own way... When I was a teen I wanted to be a vet, so I went to a scientific high school in order to go to uni and study vet... but then something changed and not I'm studying Lettere Moderne at Uni to be an Italian, History and Latin teacher :) But my dream is to be a journalist... maybe one day...
    hugs and best of for you and your life-path :)


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