Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Would You Buyasaurus?

I've been thinking for a while about painting my own nail sets and selling them. Last week, I finally got round to ordering some sets after the lovely Paige gave me a link to a good seller on eBay. I need to do a bit more research about pricing etc. but I'm trying to gage whether anyone would be interested in buying my sets. They will mostly be freehand designs but I'll take personalised orders for any nail design you've ever seen on this blog! So... would anyone consider buying a set of nails from me?

Bundle Monster BM05
Base Colour: Models Own - Utopia
Stamp Colour: GOSH - Metallic Purple
BYS Fern for the stalks
Top Coat of NYC



  1. This is such an awesome mani!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

  2. That is beautiful! That base is stunning.

  3. I love the colours!<3
    Yes maybe i would buy some nailart from you^^
    I would buy some withmany glitter and acryl bows, cupcakes.... like the girls in japan^^
    would you give me the shop on ebay?
    That would be nice^^

    hugs <3

  4. Thank you Cristina and Minty :D

    Mitsuki - I don't have an eBay shop yet and I probably won't be doing Japanese Deco nails, just the same styles that you see here on this blog :)

  5. I love your nail art but would never buy nails from anyone but that's just me and im sure tons of girls who don't have the patience to do their own nails or needed a special design for a night out deffo would :) xx

  6. Love these nails! I personally wouldn't buy any nail sets because it annoys me when I don't have natural nails. But I bet you could definitely get a lot of people to buy them because your designs are awesome!

  7. This is realy nice. I love color combination

  8. This is an amazing manicure! Your color choices were awesome!

  9. I totally dig this mani!! For sure!! XOXO

  10. Es preciosa!! que color de base mas bonitoo

  11. I mean the seller on ebay where you buy this -^.^-

  12. I would definitely consider buying some nail sets, but they would likely be a special occasion, luxury purchase. In other words, yes, but not often.

  13. I would definitely buy nail sets for fun occasions! Especially the "geeky" ones. I love your movie\comic\etc related nail art. I think its the some of the most original and cool nail art around!

  14. I would probably not buy nail art, just because I do my own nails a lot. But I am absolutely in love with your blog, and I love trying out nail styles that you post! Keep up the awesome work!!!!


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